Blockchain It!! Companies Rename Themselves To Bump Up Share Price

2년 전



The rage proceeds as organizations start changing their name to incorporate "Blockchain" and watch their offer value take off. As The Verge reports, a spate of renaming shenanigans has seen Long Island Drinks Corp turn out to be Long Blockchain, promptly making its stock surge 200%.

In like manner, a California-based vaping startup Vapetek changed its name to the improbable Nodechain, while offering just dubious guarantees about its Blockchain-comprehensive tentative arrangements.

The training proceeds what has turned into an inquisitive marvel. In October, Cointelegraph covered how a veteran yet little-referred to UK media communications organization reexamined itself as a notionally Blockchain-driven outfit, adding the term to its organization name. Its stock quickly took off, bouncing from £15 ($20) to a high of £84 ($112) in days.

The pattern proceeds in Asia, with Hong Kong tea maker Ping Shan Tea Group now turning into the dubiously tea-connected Blockchain Group Co. How Blockchain impacts the organization's operations or item stays dubious, with its site making no specify of the innovation other than in its new name.

In Russia, cryptographic money related buyer promoting has taken a more standard turn, with Cointelegraph taking note of how a sushi eatery network revealed an ICO-themed drinks menu, notwithstanding including a reference to China's boycott.

Burger King outlets in the nation have additionally tried different things with their own token, which the fast food monster named 'Whoppercoin.'


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