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Technology is advancing, taking new turns every now and then. In terms of transportation, technology has eased everything about human and the movement of goods (transporting). The time and effort it takes without technology is unbearable and I strongly believe in my own opinion that the world would not be what it is today if not for technology. Technology brought about the existence of automobiles, hence easing transportation - time saving , less efforts required and efficiency.
The same technology that brought about the existence of automobiles to ease transportation of human and goods, also brought about the development of the blockchain technology, which came into fruition in 2009 by the introduction of bitcoin ( a digital currency).
Blockchain technology (cryptocurrency or digital currency), in recent times has become a whole new big deal in the global stance today with mass adoption imminent. People have considerable crypto-wealth in their possesion in which they would like to spend easily anywhere in the world without regional or geographical restrictions,for example gadgets, automobiles, and also pay for services rendered to them anywhere in the world.

Introducing DriveHolic

This is where Driveholic comes into the picture, bridging the gap between crypto-wealth holders and automobile technology by creating a social marketplace where you can buy or sell and auction cars, using cryptocurrency as means of purchase.
The driveholic project is going to be a new focus in the blockchain technology having to see a platform that operates a peer-to-peer system in which cars can be auctioned by its participants and also purchased by its participants using cryptocurrency. The Driveholic Marketplace platform is blockchain powered, enabling a safe, secure and decentralized system of exchange between participants on its platform. This project can abruptly increase the adoption of cryptocurrency having to know that you can purchase their dream cars online just like a real life auction shop using cryptocurrency. For more insight on this project please visit


You may ask what is driveholic project also offering apart from just a platform in which automobiles can be purchased or auctioned using cryptocurrency, here are some of the set functions of its platform.

Eco-friendly platform:
A Peer-to-peer platform built to have a social interaction ecosystem between its users interested in buying or selling (auctioning) their automobiles and you having to buy your dream car using cryptocurrency, hence creating a trust element on its platform.

A decentralized system crypto-enabled and having no worries about fiat currency as a legal tender.

Secured transactions:
Using the escrow based system for secured transactions amongst its participants. Escrow based system is a financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction,which is only released when all of the terms of an agreement are met as overseen by escrow.

Low rate transaction fee:
Another reason to join the driveholic platform is that, it is decentralized; a feature which facilitates commerce within the platform and completion of transactions by having to pay low transaction fee rate and secured cash payments.



Token Distribution

900,000,000 tokens will be launched from the air to Genesis snapshot addresses with more than 100 EOS tokens in a 1:1 ratio.dw(1)(1).jpg

How to purchase DriveHolic DRVH Token?

To purchase this DRVH token, you need to approach the company and register on the platform from there everything goes smoothly.
You need to visit the website here- DriveHolic DRVH


To conclude, i will personally recommend DriveHolic DRVH coin to investors, why? because, it has laid a great foundation of a secure automobile marketplace which is powered with Blockchain Technology. The driveholic DRVH coin is suggesting a real user ability where you can purchase and sell cars with DRVH tokens on DriveHolic marketplace.

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