Invest in diamonds and earn a stable income with PURE DIAMOND platform!

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Precious stones have always enjoyed popularity and high demand due to their unique properties. They are not subject to inflation and other trends on the market. When investing money in precious metals, an investor ensures a reliable safety of funds against depreciation. Diamond is one of the most precious stones which is widely used. Diamonds are often used in jewelry. The use of diamonds in cryptocurrency sphere is an innovation that allows increasing the level of cryptocurrency use and providing users with real assets. Decentralized PURE DIAMOND platform invites users to invest in growing diamonds in the laboratory in order to obtain a stable income.

Key features of PURE DIAMOND

PURE DIAMOND platform uses blockchain and P2P technologies for payments. Therefore, the project does not depend on centralized management and functions. The platform has activated the news feed and the internal chat of the project, which allows sharing information about counterfeit products on the market.

Advantages of PURE DIAMOND

The industrial trend of making diamonds shifts to their production with the use of "Lab Grown Diamonds" technology. This technology allows improving the quality of products and their appearance. The platform offers a unique database of PURE DIAMOND ASSET diamonds, which are generated through PURE DIAMOND Network. Each released product will have PURE DIAMOND DATA certificate.

PURE DIAMOND platform creates its own infrastructure, which is constantly updated and improved. In addition, initial information on a block makes it possible to create an original recognition algorithm to calculate the real amount of the manufactured product generated with PURE DIAMOND.

PURE DIAMOND COIN is a cryptographic token, built on the basis of PURE DIAMOND Network. PURE DIAMOND ecosystem will be based on this cryptocurrency. Thus, each user will have the opportunity to grow a real red diamond, which is highly prized for its rarity. This potential will help create a new ecosystem that did not use to exist before. In addition, PURE DIAMOND COIN will be used as a method of payment for goods or services, and subsequently can be purchased at cryptocurrency exchanges.

PURE DIAMOND uses PURE DIAMOND EXCHANGE server to exchange cryptocurrency, which operates as a decentralized exchange system. PURE DIAMOND EXCHANGE has a high level of security and transparency, allowing users to exchange cryptocurrency on favorable terms. PURE DIAMOND project employs experienced professionals who have more than 60 years of working in diamond industry.

The information in the system is stored in the encrypted P2P network. Blockchain technology allows monitoring the transparency of all operations related to Pure Diamond from Pure Diamond Farm. PURE DIAMOND diamonds are "synthetic", due to the creation of rare conditions that are necessary for the cultivation of real diamonds. The difference between natural diamonds and laboratory diamonds lies only in the production process to create them, without affecting the appearance and characteristics of the product.

PURE DIAMOND cryptocurrency

PDC tokens are used to perform calculations on the project. The project is at the stage of preliminary sales until September 25, where you can buy tokens on favorable terms. The main crowdsale is t be held in three stages, with a total duration from October 5 to November 30. You can use BTC, ETH, BCH and ETC to purchase cryptocurrency.


Thus, PURE DIAMOND platform invites its users to invest in the laboratory production of diamonds in order to generate additional revenue in the platform's cryptocurrency. When comparing diamonds obtained by laboratory methods and diamonds grown in natural conditions, no difference was found. Investing in PURE DIAMOND can be considered a really profitable investment, as precious stones do not depreciate over time.

The project was launched in June of the current year, and is about to issue the platform. In May 2019, a pilot version of the project will be released, allowing to grow diamonds. By August of the next year, the project creators will introduce all planned functionality of PURE DIAMOND platform.



This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

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