Spheroid Universe The All New Augmented Reality Advertising Platform

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Spheroid Universe is an AR platform (augmented reality) for business, advertising, and entertainment within the space of the Earth that superimposes a continuous layer of augmented reality on the surface of the Earth, which is divided into Spaces: plots with precise geographic coordinates. 

#SpheroidUniverse is changing the way Ad space will be sold in the Future! Say hello to the new #AR Advertising World!
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Spheroid Universe is releasing 1000 SPH chips to its members in the community. Register in Spheroid Universe: perform simple task complements to receive the token; and get 250 SPH for each reference.

In the world of spheroids, choose as many roles as you wish: investor, real estate agent, virtual reality developer, real estate agent, and advertising, artist or architect, rentier, or simply enjoy your territory more and more interesting during the public RV development. 

 Step by step guide:

  1. Visit the registration page of Spheroid Universe.
  2. Send your data and registration.
  3. Log in to the control panel and click on “References”.
  4. Share the mentioned tweet from the control panel.
  5. Share the entry mentioned in Facebook from the control panel.
  6. Join your Telegram affiliate group and send your bonus code.
  7. Join your Telegram group.
  8. You will receive 1000 SPH chips.
  9. Also get 250 SPH for each reference.

Spheroid Universe starts a new reward campaign! Airdrop continues!

The Spheroid Universe is the only cycle of revolution that will change our understanding of real estate and the right of each person to a useful property on Earth, managed and controlled on the integrated surface of the Earth not regulated by the states. 

 The amount of space is limited; this is due to the limited surface of the Earth. Now, the cost of universe space is minimal and will only grow.

What are the main factors that explain the increase in the price of space?

Currently, the spaces are not yet cultivated; they are like a wild steppe. With the development of the project, the owners of the spaces place the objects on them. This is how the petticoats of the steppe become noble gardens and tall cities. 

 Naturally, cultivated land is worth more, and cultivated land also costs more in the secondary market. However, the space in the cultural environment also increases its value, which will increase the price of space in the primary market.

If you want to obtain spaces with the power of your mind and your imagination, create content about the spheroid universe. It can be a good quality publication, article or video. 

 Publish anywhere, wait for approval and get the SPH tokens. Attention! There will be no ICOs.Rewards for ORIGINAL items:

  • Large element (more than 1000 words): 2000+ SPH (a value of $ 200)
  • Medium paper (500-1000 words): 1500-2000 SPH (a value of $ 150-200)
  • Small item (300-500 words): 500-1500 SPH (a value of $ 50-150)

Rewards for ORIGINAL videos:3000-3000000 SPH (a value of $ 300 – $ 3000) according to:

  • Auditory
  • Number of likes, opinions and comments of the video
  • Video quality and duration
  • Content

Blog writing / Articles and instructions to create video:

  • The article must have at least 300 words.
  • Your text or video must be original. The use of the content of others leads to disqualification.
  • Bad quality and poorly written articles or videos were rejected.
  • The descriptions of articles / blogs or videos should contain links:

Website: www.spheroiduniverse.io

 Bounty Campaign:  https://medium.com/@spheroiduniverse/spheroid-universe-starts-new-bounty-campaign-airdrop-continues-bff854fc7ceb

Twitter: https://twitter.com/spheroid_io 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spheroiduniverse/

Telegram: https://t.me/spheroiduniverseio

  • Descriptions of articles or videos that must contain hashtags: #spheroiduniverse #ar #airdrop #bounty #bounty
  • The videos can be the iOS version of the Spheroid Universe application or Spheroid Universe
  • The AR video should be recorded ONLY with the application iOS of the application.
  • The market video must describe not only how the new advertising market works, but also the idea of ​​the Spheroid Universe.

 Authors should familiarize themselves with the official document to obtain an accurate description of the Spheroid universe

This article was originally shared on our blog:  https://btcupload.com/bitcoin-news-blog/spheroid-universe-augmented-reality-advertising-platform

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