I'm Invited to the BCI Summit 2019 in New York City!


Recently founded as a viable measure to proliferate blockchain awareness, the BCI Summit was a massive success last year. The cryptocurrency advocacy organization brought together experts from all across the business, investment, and technology spectrum.

Check out BCI Summit 2019 --

This year's edition is poised to go well above the last edition. Along with the usual experts in various fields, BCI Summit 2019 has invited power-brokers to help push the blockchain narrative to new heights. As usual, I'm very much excited for the potential that BCI levers to bring much-needed positivity to the bitcoin and crypto sphere.

However, I have another reason to promote BCI Summit 2019...!

That's right, folks! I'm invited to the conference as a mainstream-media representative. To help bring value to the entire blockchain sector, I'm intending on covering the entire spectrum of the cryptocurrency space, from burgeoning projects to the broader implications of bitcoin, ethereum, and other major digital assets.

And believe it or not, this will be the first time I visited New York City. I've been in JFK Airport -- a real dump -- but never to NYC proper. So I'm personally very enthused about BCI Summit 2019 as it will get me to see the east coast for once.

Moreover, I offer a STEEM related tailwind!

As you know, the cryptocurrency fallout has dragged virtually all blockchain tokens down, including the Steemit crypto STEEM. At last count, STEEM was trading for only 22 cents.

Part of the reason -- of course, there's many factors -- is that not too many folks relatively speaking know about STEEM. I'd like to change that narrative by introducing the Steemit blockchain project to BCI Summit 2019.

I can impart a profound impact as I would be advertising Steemit in front of power-brokers, including those whose financial leverage specializes in traditional (read mainstream) platforms.

This is a viable opportunity for everyone associated with Steemit, from content creators to the whales actively promoting the infrastructure.

Therefore, I'd like to ask your help in MAINSTREAMing Steemit!

I can't do this all on my own -- I'd like to hire a crew that can go in with me, both as a media broadcaster and as an evangelism opportunity.

BCI Summit 2019 will feature the biggest names in business, providing us a key chance to market Steemit's unique place in the blockchain story.

Thank you all, and I will be dropping updates shortly! :)
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