Overview of ICO Egretia - the world's first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform

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From the very beginning of the appearance of the network, the logical question about structuring the display of data on the pages immediately became. It was necessary to standardize all information so that pages are correctly interpreted by browsers. This is how the "hypertext markup language" or HTML appeared (if it's simple, then HTML is what the web page consists of: pictures, tables, text, their relative position, etc. Without this, there would not be any familiar us of web pages.)

The first versions could provide only such basic functions as creating tables, flowing images in font, etc. But without this there would not be HTML5, which became a real breakthrough in the field.

Language began to be developed from the middle of the 00's and officially entered service in 2014. The main "chip" version is enhanced capabilities to support multimedia technologies, as well as the development of complex web applications.

If you highlight only the most significant innovations, then it became possible to do, for example, whole games (for example, almost all browser games in Facebook developed in this language), there were opportunities to create interesting, native advertising formats, the ability to play video directly from the page etc. Be that as it may, a company has appeared that believes that the technology's capabilities are not fully disclosed. They combined 2 revolutionary technologies, HTML5 and block, and the project Egretia appeared. When such incredible technologies merge into one platform, then surely something interesting turns out - let's look more closely. 

EGRETIA builds the world's first Block Engine and HTML5 platform using Egret technology. A proven development workflow will be provided to developers to create decentralized applications and games on the Bladder. Egret developed its ecosystem and reached hundreds of millions of users. A unique passport with digital encryption will be created for each user. The platform will provide users with a low-level digital wallet with a high degree of security, which will be used as a secure payment platform for all HTML5-chain applications. They will create a digital token that will circulate in HTML5 projects around the world: Egreten .

As a result, it will allow:

• Provide mechanisms for protecting the copyright of application developers;

• Provide the conditions for creating a high-level application;

• Create an environment for safe purchases, for example, in-game and other asset types, and so on. 

Inside the platform will be a large-scale ecosystem that "closes" all the needs of developers. The ecosystem includes:

• A full-featured application development engine (Blockchain Game Dev Workflow), which includes a set of all necessary tools, libraries and documentation;

• Game platform (Egretia Game platform). It will be a kind of Apple's AppStore for applications based on Egretia;

• A platform for trading in virtual goods (Virtual Goods Trading Platform). Players will be able to sell their gaming equipment;

• Advertising platform (Ad Platform) The work will be based on smart contracts and mutual settlements for the EGT token;

• Platform for Communications and Storage (Communications and Storage Platform);

• Incubator (Egretia Incubator). The system team will support game developers, create all conditions for the successful promotion of new products. 

The main advantages of the Egretia project are: 

• Own unique public network, based on the mechanism of consensus dapps, which is aimed at optimizing the performance of games and HTML5 in general. 

• The consensus mechanism itself, which acts as a kind of voting platform, in which proprietors of project tokens can influence the change in the number of nodes, the company's accounting department or the audit mechanism. 

• High level of performance. It consists in the fact that Egretia has simultaneously several parallel computing powers, which allow optimizing the performance of the platform for the needs of the gaming industry. The speed of transactions is hundredths of a second.

• Ability to configure platform parameters in real time. And this advantage is closely connected with the same mechanism of consensus, because on its basis, through voting users, the platform will change some parameters. 

• Efficiency and convenience of development. The toolkit used on the platform is the basis for creating a strong blocking project. This makes the block chain of developing games and applications convenient, efficient and simple. 

• Your own EGT token. It is designed in such a way that it can be comparable and combined with other games, and will also be used by gamers to ensure the proper level of security and effective trade in virtual goods. This token will be the first token that can unite all the others.

Egret Technology for more than four years has been creating complex sets of tools designed to create content based on HTML5 technology. With the help of these tools, content creators can test their own achievements, as well as connect them with blocking technologies, and then distribute the ready-made invention.


• Peter Huang is the founder of the company, constantly engaged in business activities and has more than 15 years of experience in the development of various types of Internet projects and game content. 

• Dirk Meyer is the co-founder and CEO of projects created with Adobe. Experienced project management specialist, innovator, business strategist Adobe. 

• Yin Ma is a tool expert, a businessman, head of Qualcomm's development department. An experienced specialist in the development of compilers for OS platforms. 

• Ros Pshibalski is the creator of the D20Studios project. Experienced software developer and game content. 

• Advisors: Lucas Lu, Frank Lee, Gongfai Tian, Yong Yao.

The project makes a strong impression, is very impressed by the architecture of the platform, which creates all the conditions for developers, and, which is very important for the platform, motivates the team of programmers to develop applications for the platform. If the developers can do it, then we can witness the emergence of a huge project, which can be described as a symbiosis of AppStore, 

Official sources:

Official website: http://egretia.io/

White paper: http://egretia.io/static/Egretia_White_Paper_V1.0.pdf

Bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3212756

Twitter https: // twitter.com/Egretia_io

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Egretia.io/

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/egretia/

T.me http://t.me/Egretia

Github https: //github.com/Egretia

Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Egretia/

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