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Trading digital money to fiat currency is a major problem in present blockchain emerging world.  The exchange rate from one currency to another is fairly expensive. To answer this problem Spotcoin introduces a cost-effective and efficient method which uses blockchain technology. Spotcoin is a company specializing in transactions between cryptocurrency and fiat. With the rapid increase in digital currencies, Spotcoin seeks to bridge the gap between traditional finance and smart digital economy and aims to provide a transparent and reliable platform. Spotcoin already proved worthy with their $1M per month processing rate since November 2016. After receiving so much attention founders of Spotcoin decided to expand the project in much border way. 


NEO is one of the token blockchain platforms with many advantages such as open source, non- profit. It is trying to create “smart economy “network. NEO will support Spotcoins to achieve their goals. 

Spotcoin today and tomorrow

Today –  Spotcoin has been designed in such a way, making it very environmentally friendly because they use a hydroelectric power.

Tomorrow- spotcore is the heart of spotcoin ecosystem. Spotcore will

• Check wallet balance

• Check on exchanges

• Matching trade

Spotcoin trade exchanges will allow fluid movement of digital currencies, mining activities, Spotpayment and OTC marketplace. 



A mining-farm supported by 4,500 GPUs is planned with the possibility of expansion based on the future investments of users for another 4,500 units, supported by a 25 MW hydroelectric plant, thus exploiting the low cost of energy in Georgia (minus of 6 cents of $ per kWh). 

OTC marketplace

Transferring digital assets to fiat currency face lot of stringent rules. That is because of lack of liquidity. Spotcoin works with many European banks which in turn gives efficient and effective trading to customers. To make things more efficient Spotcoin will establish more connections with banks. 

Spotcoin also works as an intermediary for trading activities of digital and fiat currencies. The trust made spotcoin more popular in the trading field. 


The ambassador is the person who trades excess $1M /month. That person will give customized services in the ecosystem. 

Digital exchange

Spotcoin will address directly to regional market on digital currency. In present there are very few fiat money trading agencies in the region. Only few currencies will be supported through this. Those are

• Georgian Lari (GEL)

• Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)

• Romanian Lei (RON

• Moldovan Leu (MDL)

• Russian Rubles (RUB)

• Bulgarian Leva (BGN)

• Turkish Lira (TRY)

• Armenian Dram (AMD) 

• Euros (EUR) 

• US Dollars (USD)

The exchange will provided assistenat in different languages such as English, Georgian, Manderin, Russian Armanian. 


Spotcoin will present 4 trading pairs

• GAS 

• Ethereum (ETH)

• Bitcoin (BTC)

• SIBCoin (SIB)

All spotcoin digital exchange will coupled with above 4 assests.

Spotcoin will arrange quarterly audit with BIG 4 firm and that will give more transparency to the project.

Spot play

Spot play is the secure point of sale and easy drop down widget for all shopping cart platforms. They will provide immediate payment in desired currency at the marketplace. 

The API that provided by spotpay is a simple and powerful tool. Spotpay checking out as easy as a click a button and there will be plugins for all big shopping websites. 

All the charges will be clearly displed and there will be no surprises at all.  


ICO details

• Token: SPOT

• Price :1 SPOT = 0.5 USD

• Platform: NEO

• Accepting NEO, BTC, ETH, SIB, Fiat

• ICO date: 2018-05-01 / 2018-06-01

• Ends In: 57 days

• Country: Georgia

• Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist

• Restricted areas USA, China, South Korea

• Min. investment: 50 SPOT

• Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD

• Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD

You can find detailed information on the following links:




Facebook: / spotcoin /



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Spotcoin is good ICO project. Lots of benefits for users. Because of its based on NEO, it will surely sucessful project.

I'm just looking to establish a position in the Steemit community, and would appreciate to find some people like me, so we can mutually support one another. subscribe @coinlocket

I'm just looking to establish a position in the Steemit community, and would appreciate to find some people like me, so we can mutually support one another. subscribe @coinlocket

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