Xiao Z takes you to learn the Blockchain technology: 10 books, teach you from entry to mastery

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The blockchain, along with the encrypted digital currency, is hailed as one of the great technologies that will change the world. There is a saying that is good: opportunities are reserved only for those who are prepared. I believe many people want to walk into the blockchain, understand the blockchain, and embrace the blockchain, but they can't find a suitable way to get started. In fact, no matter which kind of industry, if you want to grasp the context of this industry in depth, the best way to start is to study. Like everyone else, I have just started to study the blockchain in the recent period. But believe me, blockchain technology has great development prospects, and it is not too late to learn from now. Here is what I picked and chose, to find out from a number of books on the block chain technology in 10 of the most progressive approach for beginners, gradually went into, understand and master the block chain technology books, please Gourmet Kitchen .

1 , entry-level books

Friedrich von Hayek, Yao Zhongqiu translated "Non-State of Currency - Analysis of the Theory and Practice of Multi-Currency"
As one of the greatest political economists of the last century, Hayek wrote his last book in his later years: "Non-nationalization of money." It can be said that this book is the final guide and the ultimate result of his lifelong thinking. Here, he subverts the orthodox monetary system concept: Since free competition is most efficient in the general commodity and service markets, why can't free competition be introduced in the currency field? Hayek made a revolutionary proposal: abolish the central bank system, allow private money to be issued, and compete freely. This competitive process will find the best currency. The idea of ​​the book's ideas, with the blockchain and the initial budding of bitcoin technology, is almost at the same time. It can be said that they jointly provided the initial soil for the emergence of bitcoin after more than 30 years, and the blockchain technology took root.

Nakamoto Satoshi Bitcoin White Paper: "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System"
As the first blockchain technology to take root and be widely promoted, with the application of changing the future trend of the world - the white paper of the basic interpretation of the bitcoin trading system must be read. White Paper Abstract: This paper proposes an electronic cash system that is fully implemented through peer-to-peer technology, which enables online payments to be initiated directly by one party and paid to the other without the need to go through any financial institution. Although Digital signatures partially solves this problem, if third-party support is still needed to prevent double-spending, then the system loses its value. Here we propose a solution that allows the cash system to operate in a peer-to-peer environment and prevents double payment problems. The network adds timestamps to all transactions by random hashing, and merges them into a continuous, random-hash-based proof-of-work chain as transaction records, unless Re-complete all work proofs and the resulting transaction records will not be changeable. The longest chain will not only be used as proof of the sequence of events observed, but also as the pool from the CPU's most computational power. As long as most of the CPU computing power is not intended to work together to attack the entire network, then honest nodes will generate the longest chain that exceeds the attacker. The system itself requires very little infrastructure. Information can be propagated throughout the network with the utmost effort, nodes can leave and rejoin the network at any time, and the longest workload proof chain is used as proof of the transactions that occurred during the offline of the node. To fully understand Bitcoin, you must study the Bitcoin white paper carefully, and it is best to study the original white paper in English.

Don Tapscott, Alex Tapscott forward, Kyle, Sun Ming, Zhou Patio translation of "block chain revolution: how to change the underlying technology Bitcoin currency, business and the world."
This book is another masterpiece of Don Tapscott. Don Tapscott is a famous economist, business strategist and futurist, and is known as the "father of the digital economy." His last bestseller was WikiTrade Economics, which was once popular all over the world. This book provides a forward-looking description of the Internet's cutting-edge technology, blockchain technology, and anticipates how it will reshape the Internet, banking, securities, insurance, accounting, taxation, legal services, cultural creativity, power and manufacturing industries. Tell us that this technology has great potential to achieve decentralized changes in industry, finance and government. Anyone who is concerned about the future of society should not miss this book.

Changchun, Han Feng, Yang Tao, etc. "Blockchain: From Digital Currency to Credit Society"
The book was written by nine founders of Babbitt, Dr. Han Feng from Tsinghua University, Yang Tao, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Da Hongfei, founder of Xiao Ant Network. It systematically explains the origin, development, status quo and future direction of the blockchain, and has important reference and theoretical value for how we view the rise of blockchain technology and its role in human development. . The article is easy to understand, shallow and essential, suitable for beginners.

Xu Mingxing , Tian Ying , Li Yuyue, "Illustration of Blockchain: God-like Financial Technology and Future Society"
One of the authors of this book is Xu Kexing, founder of Okcoin. It reveals the basic principles, application prospects and future trends of the blockchain in a concise and vivid language. Compared with other similar books, its biggest feature is to tell the reader what the blockchain is in a graphical way, what are the principles of the blockchain, and what application value of the blockchain is concise and understandable. .

Li Wei , Chang Hao, etc. "Bitcoin: An Unreal and Real Financial World"
Starting from the introduction of the concept of Bitcoin, this book then elaborates on the key issues of the origin, development, technical principles, and ecological circle of Bitcoin . Finally, I boldly imagined the practical application and future prospects of Bitcoin. It calmly faces the controversy caused by Bitcoin, and communicates with readers with open attitude and detailed information on issues such as the government and the monetary system. It further explores that Bitcoin changes the current global monetary system and moves toward the non-state of currency issuance. The possibility reveals the impact of bitcoin on the real financial industry and even on the future world. This book is a smug work that reveals the world of Bitcoin from the shallower to the deeper.

2 , master level books

Yang Baohua, Chen Chang, "Blockchain: Principle, Design and Application"
This book was written by two scholars from Tsinghua University. It is a comprehensive work that introduces the basic technical principles, practical application scenarios and future development trends of the blockchain. The book is divided into two parts , a total of 14 chapters. Chapters 1-3 introduce the origin, principles, and application scenarios of blockchain technology ; Chapters 4 and 5 introduce distributed system technologies and cryptographic security techniques in blockchain technology; Chapters 6-8 introduce blockchain domains. the three typical project applications: Bitcoin, Ethernet Square and super books; Chapter 9-11 super books as an example to explain how to block chain technology is applied in practice; Chapter 12 focuses on a super project books The core architecture; Chapter 13 introduces examples of other application developments in the blockchain; Chapter 14 introduces the design and development of the blockchain service platform . In general, it is a good work of both science and application.

Gong Ming, “Blockchain Society: Decoding Blockchain Global Application and Investment Cases”
This book discloses 258 blockchain industry investment and financing cases, exploring the blockchain society, how traditional industries embrace subversion, and embrace blockchain+ everything . It analyzes in detail the traditional financial and IT giants' interpretation of the different strategies of the blockchain, and analyzes the different strategies and investment cases of the blockchain technology in the major banking, investment, consulting and stock exchange industries. In the end, it also issued such a prediction: the first large-scale collaboration of human beings is only the beginning, and the current commercial society is about to be subverted!

He Jianxiang , Cai Junjie , Leng Yuanhong, "Disputed Bitcoin: A Revolution to Subvert the Monetary System ? "
The author team visited dozens of well-known domestic economists, financial experts, legal experts, bitcoin research experts, industry practice experts and other veterans, and raised various controversies arising from the use of blockchain as a technical principle. My own explanation. What is the currency? What is the technology of the blockchain? Why did Bitcoin rise? Can the future become a real currency? What does it mean for the monetary system? Is it a geometric value for our economic life? Why is China popular? Will it be just a flash in the pan? Waiting for the question, you will find the answer in the book.

He Yue, Li Guopan, Enjoy-Carver, etc. Translating Bitcoin Developer Guide
This is a technical book that basically tells you the principles of Bitcoin technology and applies this principle to build similar applications. At the beginning of this book, you will need to install the latest bitcoin kernel client in order to make better use of this guide . Once installed, you will have the following three executable programs: bitcoind, bitcoin-qt, and bitcoin-cli . If you start without the parameters, all programs will connect to the bitcoin main network (mainnet) by default . To create a transaction on the web, you have to pay for Bitcoin. and many more. After reading this book and having a basic grasp of it, it is no problem to understand the basic technical principles of Bitcoin.

If you can read and master these 10 books step by step , then you can smoothly realize the transition from a blockchain white to a pedestrian in the blockchain. Nothing to say, Xiao Z is going to read Hayek’s "Non-State of Money"!

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