Gemstra - Bringing a change to the influencer industry

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The day i opened my first and current twitter account still lingers in my memory like it happened last night, the joy and rush of adrenaline i felt that moment was enthralling, as it was just years into high school and the internet frenzy was still fresh,
Well about 10 years down the line i have seen a majority of influencers come and go,
But this is the 21st century and a number of things have started to take drastic changes, and the influencer market being the among the sectors that are beginning to witness these changes but first
What is influencer marketing?
Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole on social media,It identifies the individuals who have influence over potential customers, and orients marketing activities around these individuals,
These individuals are often called or known as social media influencers , they often have access to large audience and can persuade their audience by the virtue of their authenticity and reach , now that has been clarified, stay with me and see how important they are to various industries.
Imagine using an influencer that has over 10 million organic followers to launch a beauty product directly, she just has to make a video of herself using the product and see how the product sale is going to skyrocket, although there are other factors contributing towards it to
However there are some problems associated with influencer marketing and thus prevents various businesses from connecting with them directly and I'll make mention of the most important one .

Lack of a good system - there are a majority of business that would like to connect with these influencers and work with them, but are restricted due to the fact that businesses have to screen through lots of account in order to choose one which is suitable for their brand, this process is time consuming and hectic, and most times businesses end up settling for less, imagine if there is a system in place that can connect businesses to the right social media influencers, imagine a lifestyle specialist influencer marketing dog food to his/her audience?, As you can see that is way off

In a bid to solve this, an easy to use protocol has been developed to solve this it has been built on the ASTRA infrastructure, the ASTRA infrastructure comes with an API that enables business integrate to access influencers and brands
It's just like an ecosystem where everything needed are present under a single roof,
In order to do this, blockchain technology is used and helps influencers own their data and control who can access it,
What is the mode of payment?
Using the ASTRA ecosystem, GEM tokens serve as medium of exchange, and it will be used for a couple of other functions aside exchange of value and they include but not limited to

Rewards - rewards gathered within the ecosystem will be paid through gemstra tokens
Ability to vote using Gemstra tokens
And a whole lot more,
Products available in the gemstra ecosystem

  • Knowy app - A first of its kind platform, where business owners using the knowy app to power reviews about their website and will be charged based on pay per impression module, with payments being in gemstra tokens, infact the App is already in its alpha version and its been currently used to write reviews about DEXONS’ Mainnet.
  • Boutiques - A proof of concept influencer platform launched by gemstra in 2017, this platform gives influencers the option of choosing the brands and products they want to sell, within the first nine months of its launch , the number of influencers grew to over 3000, and more brands came in to use the platform resulting in generating a 7 figure annualized merchant sale all within 9 months

Going through the content above I'm pretty sure you'd like to know more about the Gemstra ecosystem, i have taken it upon my very self to make things easier for you and all you need to do is just visit any of the links below and satisfy your curiosity
Official website
White paper

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