ISIBELI - privacy,speed and efficiency at it's peak!

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Times without number have i always hammered on the fact that for cryptocurrency to be taken to the next level we need to have three things in place

  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Efficiency

Yes Bitcoin the father of all cryptocurrencies has all these but with these changing times and advancement in technology we need more if we are to survive the next coming years in the crypto world. Take for instance a business owner that wants to integrate payments using cryptocurrency into his/her business model but will need an average of 10 minutes to for every transaction on the blockchain to be confirmed, imagine how drastic it would be for a business that is just starting out or that which has been in business for over some time, this may seem too far fetched to you but let me take you down memory lane
As a newbie venturing into crypto trading during the bull run December 2017, i had spare cash and wanted to buy xrp at a price of $1.50, during the bull run then, apparently a lot of btc transactions where going on at the time as new money where being pumped into the cryptocurrency market, i bought the $1000 worth of btc and sent them to binance, due to the rush i didn't take a look at the transaction fees as I just input the wallet addresses and clicked send, on a normal day the transaction shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, after 30 minutes i logged in to my binance account and realized that the transaction was still pending, to cut the long story short that transaction took approximately 48hrs before it could be totally confirmed, i thought i was the only person this happened to but apparently i was wrong ,i logged into reddit and saw a lot of people complaining about it
Now you can see the reason why we need something that is scalable, secured , efficient and fast
Scalability in regards to cryptocurrency iis the capability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work, or its potential to be enlarged to accommodate that growth, although a lot of projects have set on the path to find a solution to this problem, but most of them as at the time of writing this article are no where to be found
Without further ado i introduce to you a project who has not just solved almost all the issues listed above, but are also the very first project to solve them within a space of six months, yes six months
What is ISIBELI?
Reminds me of my ex's name isabel, wherever you are i thank you for showing me love , anyways straight to the task at hand,
ISIBELI is a new cryptocurrency created from a fork of dash, you all know dash is popularly known for its swiftness in transaction speed, low transaction fees and most importantly providing privacy for its users,
ISIBELI was created to serve as better alternative by providing a reliable, scalable, efficient means of payment with little or no transaction fees thereby providing security and privacy to its users, with ISABELI people will be able to invest and as well as use cryptocurrency for a whole lot of things thereby enabling the fast and mass adoption of cryptocurrency around the world

  • Privacy- Just like its predecessor dash coin also nicknamed dark coin, privacy is of the utmost priority for ISIBELI, imagine a world where money can be spent anonymously without having to go through any form if identification or so,
  • SPEED - Of what use is a currency if it cannot be efficient In serving as a form of payment in terms of lightning speed?? It is a little it complex to input both speed and privacy into a cryptocurrency but somehow ISABELI have been able to merge both into a single cryptocurrency without the need of sacrificing one for the other
  • Low transaction fees - with other cryptocurrency you need a fast transaction, you are going to have to pay for it, for example ethereum, where users can decide to increase the number of gwei and gas required for a transaction, but with ISIBELI you get fast transaction at ridiculously low speed.
    There is more to come as a lot of underground works are in place and according to their road map the ISIBELI TEAM are just on track with the release of their mobile wallets just about to take place

In a few weeks time ISABELI will be launching its mobile wallet for the Android and ios platform as it already has its own secured windows and linus wallet which can be found in its GitHub repository
Windows wallet
Linux wallet
Should you require any further information do not hesitate to visit any of the links below
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