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Hi everyone, if you are interested in joining the CrypKart project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that could help you see their vision and mission, as follows:

About CrypKart is a one-stop solution for all your encryption needs. Even if we started with P2P Fiat / Crypto, soon we will have other currencies and other types of exchange. In the P2P exchange, people in various countries can exchange their local currency with Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies). This site allows users to send advertising messages indicating exchange rates and payment methods to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Respond to this announcement and agree to meet people to buy cash cryptocurrency or negotiate directly with online banking. Cryptocurrency is placed under warranty on the Web portfolio from which you can directly pay for bitcoin purchases.

Crypkart's mission is to connect everyone with a new age economy.
Focusing on society, we are dynamic and we continue to grow and we want to bring cryptocurrency and economic exchanges to every city in the world. We believe that cryptocurrency is a financial correspondence. This will be a facilitator for greater prosperity, especially in developing countries.

Cryptocurrency allows online transactions in places beyond the reach of traditional banking institutions.

Keep your (financial) interests safe from risks and political interventions.

The problems v / s CrypKart

Poor technical architecture

Very robust architecture that keeps in mind safety, speed and ease
Designed by a technological architect of the former US bank
Follow the best practices in the
Security clearance sector by the Cap Gemini
Forte security assessment team : robust technology stack
Insecure platform

Protection against DDoS attacks
Complete data encryption and adjust
IT security assessments.
The latest technology framework
Multi-level firewall manageable
Multiple Datacenter for redundancy
Watchdog algorithm to monitor exchange activity and block attacks.
Poor customer support

SLA super fast customer support
All disputes will be present within 12 hours and probably resolved within 24 hours
Community-based chat
support Direct support based on the chat
Undecided policies

Predetermined road map until the end of 2019
Strong policies
Registered in Europe (Estonia)
Supported by a strong legal and accounting
No reporting tool

BI (Business Intelligence Tools)
Strong reports and graphs
It helps you to be always ready with all the latest issues of your profession
Located focused

All processes are trader-centric
Team building function for traders
Delegate trading safely and earns money
Low or non-existent trading experience

Designed by real traders with considerable trading experience of over 1000 BTCs and hundreds of coins alt
The best tools for traders
Tools for team building for traders Plate-
brokerage The exchange CrypKart

CrypKart Exchange is built with the latest and safest technology stack to ensure security and reliability. Our peer-to-peer engine is smart and works for traders. Since our main team consists of many
experienced traders, we have developed the features that were missing in some of the major exchanges. The characteristics listed below are directly from the LIST OF DESIRES of traders.

First platform to support more cryptocurrencies
Slab-based commission structure: exchange more, save more
Team development and trade management module: for power traders - now expand your trading activity
A dedicated app for Android and iOS: for trading on the move
Framework for launching ALTCoin
Account management and in-depth analysis: integrated business intelligence
Multi-language: we are inclusive
The team, experience and experience: CrypKart is traders, traders and traders. Immense experience with trading and trading platforms at the center.
CrypKart Partner Program - with treasures of business opportunities
CrypKoin: CrypKart's own token with high usage opportunities
One of a kind - Both p2p reservation trading options and orders have been transformed into a single
offline presence platform for secure and secure cash transactions.
We are coming soon to your city ..
ICO model and allocation

We will issue our symbolic currency, called CrypKoin.
A strict limit of 1 billion CKN will be created, never to be increased. CKN will be performed natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20.

ICOs of ICO have been misused as no one's business - hindering the entire ecosystem of this extraordinary investment channel. We consciously made the decision to invest our money to build the peer-to-peer exchange and first create a trusted user base. We want to have a substantial value of CrypKoin achieved before the ICO is publicly announced.

We will offer 100% CrypKoin bonus to our first investors for the first 1 million tokens.

Price CrypKoin $ 0.1 per coin
offer ICO $ 0.05 to actually coin after the bonus
Only valid for the first 1 million tokens
Technical Team 3%
Marketing Team 2%
Founders 40%
ICO 5%
Airdrop sizes and 5%
for be sold to merchants 45%


To find more relevant details from the Crypkart project, please follow a number of sources for the following references:









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