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It is a source of life on earth and this is one of the enabling human populations on earth. We are constantly looking for ways to make use of energy sources for our survival. Increasing use of non-renewable energy sources is putting great pressure on the limited resource retention on the planet. When people start to feel the detrimental effects of this activity on the planet and in everyday life, they start looking for other harmless renewable energy sources.

Another energy that is dominant in human life today is the energy of light. When calculated, the energy of light is the largest energy that can be found on this earth. This is because the light source itself comes from the sun. Light has many functions and is used as a source of life on Earth. It's not like that, but it's a lot of energy. Energy is important for everyone to understand. Welcome to EtainPower.

EtainPower is a renewable energy finance and trading ecosystem supported by block chains and artificial intelligence technologies. It is an innovative block-chain architecture. It is an innovative block-and-chain architecture.

EtainPower is a team of experts with a technical background, supporting new and renewable energy projects that overcome financial barriers and improve the operation of electrical equipment. And fascinate the power of transactional equations. Thus, energy has a lot of understanding that is appropriate for the researchers studying it, but in the end, the hypothesis of each energy is the same as there is a force that can be changed.

EtainPower develops solutions that enable people and businesses to leverage the power of renewable energy sources. The power of Blockchain provides a scalable and transparent solution for the generation and use of renewable energy. This project can be funded by investors from around the world, and smart contract-based rules and regulations on the platform. Two tokens initiated by the platform are used for other purposes. Token The Token Platform (EPR) and the PPS Token (Power Points) are used by project participants and producers on the platform.

People who want to contribute to renewable energy projects can purchase PPS tokens using EPR signatures. There are several applications for two tokens: purchasing power, electric cars, and chain-based microgrid blocks. This is an opportunity for a renewable energy project to enable global participation. One of the main tasks of this project is to promote the crowdfunding model for funding renewable projects.


Q3 2017

EtainPower has officially started.

Q2 2018

Contracted with Antigua Electric Utility

Q3 2018

PPS Wallet 1.0

We have completed the project financing screening criteria.

Q4 2018

Crowdfounding Platform.beta

600MW energy project contract signed

January 2019

Crowdfunding Platform 1.0

4/4, 2019

2.6 GW project capital increase


Exclusive P2P service trading app.

EV Rental and EV Charging

Q2 2020

PPS 3.0 (Microgrid)

Smart Grid Development


Smart Grid System 2.0

8.6 Capital Ratio of GW Project


The electric power company was always responsible for centralized certification and operation. Conventional fossil fuels create fair prices for us, but they also cause environmental pollution. In recent years, there have been international fossil fuels as well as policy development to promote global warming pollutants and renewable energy projects.

As a result, companies involved in renewable energy sources have been and have been developed in the first direction, and the cost of collecting renewable energy sources is often reduced. Therefore, additional energy initiatives in the renewable energy sector are built on traditional energy work on fossil fuels. By 2016, 60% of the newly added international energy potential comes from renewable energy sources.

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