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Mutual trust is the basis of numerous relationships. However, in today's society, absolutely different obstacles, dishonorable in the hands of people and firms is difficult to create as well as individual, and thus businesslike relationship. In consequence, the relationship among absolutely all built over the years, and this is expressed in the negative dynamics of numerous actions.

But perhaps the unit of this change? This is absolutely true with the use of blockchain technologies, the latest verified exchange of information among the partners, the formation of the sphere of trust for the purpose of activity, communication and other significant relevant operations.

It is a whole list of features and is shown in the latest plan Koala's life, the base of which is mutual trust in information and data.

The platform of the plan, in the form of a dispersed Supplement, is intended to be a connecting link among peoples and institutions, tracing and reconstructing their entire plastic life, and to decide on the difficulty of convening and providing information.

Which food gives Koala's life in the landing stage users?
The ecosystem of the plan is quite wide and contains a large number of goods. They look the appropriate way:

1 Mining information – the presence of the provision by the user of absolute and true information will be a function of the stimulus concept, based in the mental scheme of the review of information POV. Because of the clear data users will gain encouragement;

2 The provision of loans and loans, economic services – in the landing stage will be located body, with the support of which will be given credit and economic services. In addition to this extraneous economic institutions will be able according to the demand and evidence to acquire access to the tested information of users.
The information will be given 24 minutes a day, and the transactions will be completely non-dangerous due to the intensive concept of protection;

3 Games area – many users prefer game add-ons and video game sector needs reliable information, such information are in the dock. For this reason, the concept with the target users will be running a variety of netting a form of entertainment, such as Kryptonites, quizzes, puzzles, contests and other.

4 These types of entertainment will combine blockchain-technological processes and game dynamics, and also the probability to purchase a reward in the form of tokens. Subsequently, the tokens can be exchanged into easily accessible products in the shopping center;

5 Dating service-the basic information of users will not be revealed, but the presence of this with the support of the activities of the block chain will be possible to make sure that the guests – this real society with the usual action.
A large basis will be formed for communication among the peoples, which in the future can serve as a reason for the decision of marital duties. This communication will be implemented with the support of internal token exchange;

6 Shopping on Koala shopping centre caters to all the users at the landing stage, a mute readily available a variety of varieties of products and services. Existing tokens members have all chances to change into favorite products / services with a significant discount than in the real society.

I think that the application of identity management in the blockchain database is considered a source to the conclusion of difficulties with the concentrated classic that threw little people, which does not have all chances to be useful for the purpose of the concept, defenseless and defenseless. Monifah fun lenders scattered in shame and will provide the government back into society, allowing them to possess admission, supervision and in this case, because the company providing their information. I usually imagined the fact that these concentrated companies commercialisent individual and personal information and implement the data involved in the edges with the purpose of commercial gain.

Website: http://kalc.io/
Technical documentation: http://kalc.io/index1.html#whitepaper
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