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The concept of investing is a very tactical way that most people have identified as a source of income, creating effortlessly in this, and it's great when the investment platform offers no risk to its package. Investing is a form of passive income in which you do not really participate in any form of trade or business, but you just sit with your own money working for you. This business concept was widely applauded and went through many stages, as people learned about it.
Believe it or not, everyone can be the master of something, if and only if they can use the power to actually go for it. Some people have good marketing strategies and skills to effectively use money and create a business. Again, in the business world, some companies or organizations have a more solid foundation than others, and sometimes are not very cautious to start a business or project with the same concept. there is. beneficiaries of their great success.

Here are a few reasons why people invest in project funds, banks or investment agencies, but the question is which investment platforms earn what they really need to earn from the initial amount. Investment plans made in average currency do not bring big profits to members, and this worsens, if it is done with our central banks, almost every transaction occurs on its basis. At the end of the investment platform, you will realize that investors do not bring as much profit as he could have imagined.

What is VEIAG?

VEIAG is a business project that puts all the necessary requirements for the foundation into potential projects that they decided to invest, because they will not be professional, only investing their members' money in any Any project that does not actually speculate on the possibilities. VEIAG, with its researchers and business specialists, has identified such potential areas as agriculture and health. Both agriculture and health care are broad sectors of investment with subsectors, which we will consider in the following chapters.
Invest in the health sector

Technology has advanced to a very high degree, the world is now all about industrialization in virtually every area. This massive industrialization was defined as a contribution to the growth of global health problems that most regions of the world face. Unfortunately, the most affected problems are most affected. Developing and underdeveloped countries. The global greenhouse effect over the years has increased and contributed to many of the diseases observed in most developing countries, but the question is whether the developing and developing countries have a health sector. to assist them, as well as to produce medical equipment.
VEIAG has identified shortcomings in the production of medical supplies such as drugs, medical infusions, gloves, etc. In addition, VEIAG will also create medical facilities responsible for the production of medical equipment and will create local manufacturers with modern equipment for their production and production of medical equipment .
Investments in agriculture

Agriculture is one of the largest employed sectors in most countries, especially in developing countries, and the VEIAG is planning to invest in this sector in identifying this enormous potential in this sector. this. These investments will bring many benefits to people in this particular area by reducing hunger, unemployment, etc. This will help improve the standard of living of indigenous peoples, as they will also benefit from their employment in the agricultural project first implemented by VEIAG.
Direct investments in shares

Meat and food are what comes to people when cattle comes to mind, but very few people know that in this area there are many benefits that it can produce by using dark ones. multiply it by a maximum. The livestock sector not only earns on food and meat, but also animal feces that can be processed to apply fertilizers that can be used as organic fertilizers on our local farms. This will be of great importance for reducing the toxicity on the land affected by the modernization of agriculture, which is currently taking place.
Again, the skin of these animals can be used for various purposes in the field of music, as well as for aesthetic purposes. All this will bring many opportunities for employment to those who will continue to improve their lives and standards of living, and this is all that has been launched by VEIAG.
The process of access to other income projects

The creation of the VEAIG platform will create many ideas and projects that each member or organization wants to put on board. Welcoming as VEIAG, he developed a strategic system that will evaluate all incoming projects in order to know the value and potential that it can provide to its platform and its members. This process is designed to limit the losses that some investment platforms do not make before participating in any project. This will help protect the funds of members of the platform and ensure that they receive passive income from investments on the platform.
These processes are counseling and evaluation, baseline assessment, combined procedures, physical assessment and recruitment. More information on how this process will be presented and will also work, can be found in the official report.
Distribute the token

token distribution.pngProject road map

Project team

This project is supported by a group of hard-working members with extensive experience in various disciplines and possessing skills in the field of investment strategy, they will find this project with great success. , Here are some of the team members, please refer to the white paper or website or for more information about the whole team. From there, you can learn more about their profile for their authenticity. This should ensure to investors that they can invest in this project and absolutely no money that they will use well.
team.png good

VEIAG partners have some partners because of the potential that the organization and organization of the company were found in the vision that VEIAG is there, and I think this is a suitable opportunity for investors, is also involved in creating it.

There are a number of investment platforms, but none of them has the package and security that the Investment Guild of Virtual Economic Academies offers you. This is one of the few investment platforms that accept electronic money and went further to adjust the volatility of electronic money by adopting the use of gold as a VEIAG code asset. Join VEIAG and create a solid and reliable investment base
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