Harmony "The Next Generation Blockchain"

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Hello Dear Friends! Today I am going to talk about an incredible, revolutionary and energy efficient blockchain, called Harmony.

Since 2008, Cryptocurrencies started to have a huge impact in the modern world, because of that and the existence of the multiple types of cryptocurrencies. Because of these, thousands of exchanges are made per second, causing major payment delays and blockchain saturations.

Harmony is a revolutionary and decentralized blockchain that is totally different from the other blockchains known until now, because of the sharding system in its infrastructure, which helps to provide better transactions and improve all the scalability failures that are present in the blockchain, making it quite unique.


Harmony has multiple features such as:

1. Full Scalability: Harmony shards the processing and the state of the networking, being the storage requirements less restrictive.

2. Secure sharding: Harmony is unbiasable, unpredictable, verifiable and scalable.

3. Fast and efficient consensus: This Blockchain is PoS and more energy efficient than PoW alternatives.

4. Adaptive Thresold PoS: Staking requirements are adjusted based on total staking volume so that malicious stakeholders cannot concentrate on single shards.

5. Scalable networking infrastructure: It can propagate blocks quickly within shards or across the network.

6. Consistent Cross-shard transactions: Cross shard sharing happens via direct communication.

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Harmony promises to be the next generation blockchain for all cryptocurrency and blockchain lovers. It is clear that for many people who undertake in this world, it turns out to be the right solution, since it is a wonderful advantage to have a platform that is based on sharding in order to speed up all the data that is sent within the blockchain, being perfectly scalable, since all kinds of transfers can be made without having to worry about payments being made slowly.

Harmony is definitely the blockchain we all need!

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