Top 8 Blockchain Companies Providing Best Blockchain-based Services

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Are you an entrepreneur? Looking for the best blockchain company for your solution? One of the finest and most influential interests in the IT field is blockchain technology. Everyone is looking forward to this technical solution from investors to entrepreneurs, from contractors to start-ups. The blockchain has become a secure data processing system.

Several companies around the globe have blockchain services. The blockchain network is used within the system for securing the transmitted information. While thousands of companies have blockchain services, it is difficult to decide who to trust. This temper-proof technology is capable of managing data transfer as quickly as possible. Every fresh idea needs a blockchain solution, needs to find the ideal start-up platform not responsible for any future data interruption.
I have identified, through extensive research, the most common blockchain companies that are reliable in blockchain-based industry for new ideas.

Here are the list and the information about the company which can provide a reliable service and allows you to explore the blockchain industry:


The enterprise has been operating since 2007. It is the headquarters of the software development company based in the United States, San Francisco, with offices worldwide at about 7 different sites. The company has developed a reputation within the IT sector over the past 12 years and served a large number of large enterprises. Over 100 solutions were constructed and a satisfactory customer relationship established by this agency.

The key elements that helped the company to continue to grow include experiment and innovation This Company is ready to give you blockchain technology wings to fly on. A multi-specialist tech support group has been developed for every solution to this project. LeewayHertz is a kind of business that can provide any services related to blockchain, sales book technology, machine education, IoT, AI, etc.

The platform provides best advice and services as a consultant to any corporate consultancy concerning blockchain. The best options to your customer for Blockchain services are EOS, Hyperledger, Etherum and Hedera Hashgraph.


Intellectsoft is a product development company that embraces the latest technologies, such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Big Data, The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, and has been offering high-quality services to its customers since 2007. Intellectsoft has been providing a wallet deployment solution since 2007.

Since the 12 years of success, Intellectsoft has served more than 500 loyal clients. Company is involved in various software solutions. Here is the list:

· product strategy
· product engineering
· architecture
· app development
· QA and Testing
· Web Development
· UX / UI development
· Cybersecurity
· Customer Software Development

They have included several innovations that are very demanding on the market these days, such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence; cloud computing, IoT and Augmented Reality.


Altoros has been developing its leadership in the IT technology market for more than 18 years. Based in Silicon Valley, California, USA, the company gathered not only the reliability but also set an example for the best blockchain service company.

Altoros, founded in 2001, is an American company that enables organizations and companies to further improve and extend their operations on new technological features. They provide their international clients with the right consultancy and high-quality software development services.

With years of technical and communication knowledge, the company has built a strong consulting platform with the help of a team of more than 300 employees. The group has the experience to provide a solution for any company to build end-to-end software.

A sustainable competitive advantage for cloud-based app growth, customer research, blockchain, and artificial intelligence is provided by the company. The business has spread over five continents, including the USA, Norway, Finland, Argentina, and Eastern Europe, and has more than 7 marketing, production, etc. offices.

Let’s check out their services:

· Cloud Foundry Services
· Blockchain Development Services
· Artificial Intelligence Development Services

Among those services, this company is best known for Cloud Foundry Services.


SoluLab is one of the most popular sites for a blockchain-based money transfer system. Headquarters of the company is located in New York, USA, and was founded in 2014. Only five years of service has this company been able to deliver the perfect solution for its clients and set up a reputable IT services platform. SoluLab primarily provides six top IT services to its clients.

· Blockchain Developments
· Internet-of-Things
· Mobile App Development
· Artificial intelligence
· Software development
· Big Data And Analytics

Through their five years of experience, they have worked with various types of industries such as Technology, retail, networking, energy, education, real estate, etc., branches of companies all over the world with four branches through different countries, UAE, India, and USA, where the USA has two offices, one in NYC and the other in LA. Their development goals have been stated that they have developed more than 1500 + solutions and more. With a sound project development plan, this organization is now one of the most successful blockchain development companies to date.

Accubits Technologies:

Starting in 2012, Accubits Technologies is a reputable company for more than 140 customers worldwide offering a world-class blockchain solution. The headquarters is located in the USA. Its main blockchain product is iCosys. They serve international clients with their brilliant offers related to blockchain and other technologies. Blockchain product development is the company’s most popular service. We also offer enterprise solutions, data analytics, and business intelligence.

Our services are popular for the blockchain and technology industries. Their popular products are,


All of the above products are blockchain-based and companies that are collaborating are related to banking, retail, communication, healthcare, and education.


New in the business, block changers founded in Norway in 2015. They are specialized in decentralized applications. They offer services to states, non-profit organizations, start-ups, etc. Over 4 years, they serve their clients with a decentralized property sales solution. It’s their OBOS, the product that has attracted to many customers. Hustle-free booking and selling on a shared network, OBOS is offering wonderful property trading experience on a blockchain platform.

The other feature of blockchangers is Konsent, which offers a potential solution for data privacy and full control over you for digital information. Many consumers were inspired and encouraged by the services provided by the technology firm to follow the services. They are the experts in finding a distributed solution.

The Block Box:

The company has many decentralized projects for its partners and serves different sectors, such as healthcare, transport, finance, supply chain, banking, advertising, etc., although its San Francisco headquarters is located in Belgrade. Offering multiple options for blockchain services makes the company unique to others.

They offer three services, blockchain creation, blockchain consultant, audit and security. For three of these programs, they offer complete advice on consulting, designing, and auditing the right project.

Let’s have a look at what kind of services they offer:

· Private blockchain
· Smart contract blockchain
· Decentralized application development
· A decentralized or centralized exchange platform
· Crypto token offering
· STO development
· Digital wallet development services.

For your every innovative idea they have the perfect blockchain solutions and consultancy service so that you don’t have to struggle for choosing the best product.

Hashcash Consultants:

Hashcash Consultants, a blockchain-based software firm, aimed to develop a blockchain solution for their clients. There are four companies in the world, the USA, the Uk, Australia, and Singapore. They have different technical platforms, including modern age approaches such as blockchain, AI, IoT, and IT services. Among those platforms, the blockchain services they offer are as follows:

· crypto exchange
· crypto payment process
· Utility coin offering
· coin listing
· security token offering
· smart-contract blockchain

Other than these facilities, they have a very strong consulting service to help the idea. So far, they have served different kinds of industries, such as gaming, finance, banking, supply chain, government, etc.

The above solutions are considered to be the best in the blockchain industry for 2019. Thousands of companies were drawn to services based on blockchain. But how do you know which one of the best blockchain companies for your service is? The above results are well researched and they are the best out of the best, their past reputation, current service and future objectives make any industry more reliable.

There are still a lot of companies that can offer the services you need. It’s always up to your requirement and budget to get to the point of choosing the best blockchain company for your service.

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