Capitalizing on scalability, liquidity and efficiency makes EOS a perfect ecosystem for dApp development



Promptly after EOS’s launch in Q1 of 2018, over 300 projects have been built on it as it managed to meet the sought-after market demands. Whereas competitive blockchain protocols, ETH being principal, have very restricted transaction at an average speed of 20–30 transaction per second, EOS blasted off by processing over 4,000 transactions each second. With this essential trait EOS has been an ideal candidate for wide array of businesses whose operation is solely depending on thousands of transactions being conducted per second. iGaming, voting, decentralized social media, exchanges were perfect examples of this utilization.

On top of this, other blockchain protocols were struggling with latency. It would take minutes if not hours to process payments or execute various on-chain actions. When it comes to EOS, users are aware that the ecosystem is much more secured and capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously, similar to non-blockchain apps. EOS C-level executives followed-up:

“With EOSIO, users can interact with the blockchain without having to know how it works.”

Decentralized applications (dApps) are built on EOS for the reasons above, but also because both dApp users and developers have a cost-effective approach to it, that is, paying minimal fees for maintaining a server whilst transactions are brought down to a minimum.

EOSreel may not be grouped amongst the most popular dApps as it has been launched not long ago, but it definitely incorporated all the aforementioned benefits and it’s only a matter of time before it starts receiving voluminous transactions. EOSreel currently offers Red Diamond slot which has a vintage touch to it and a very user friendly environment. It’s a textbook example of how a gambling dApp should look like on top of having open-sourced code, non-custodial payment structure, and secured funnel.

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