How Ethereum spearheaded the market and created most popular dApps



By the time Ethereum mainnet was launched in 2014, there have already been hundreds of other crypto assets serving different purposes. With birth of smart contracts (ERC-20), which granted developers with the option to code a simple program that will automatically execute tasks after predefined criteria has been met, truly decentralized applications based on Ethereum blockchain began emerging. In Q1 and Q2 of 2018, 90% of all dApps were built on Ethereum blockchain, however with the birth of EOS and TRON, dApp developers “forked”.

Even though that 2019 laid a shadow over ETH blockchain and its dApps altogether, it has proven worthy many times before by presenting much larger set of resources for developers to work on and create dApps.

The revolution of Ethereum dApps definitely started with CryptoKitties — a decentralized game which exploded in popularity during the Q3 of 2017. CryptoKittie enable users to collect and breed digitally generated pets (cats). They are created by code and breeding takes place after users pay Ethers on smart contracts. Each kitty has unique “DNA” defined by its appearance and attributes. Players breed their kitties and create new ones thereby unlocking rare features. CryptoKitties process is securely stored on the blockchain and all digital collectibles are decentralized.

Regardless of the massive crypto interest, CryptoKitties exposed Ethereum vulnerabilities that reflected badly on the overall network. Main thread was detected in the transaction congestion and slow processing speed which Ethereum enthusiast found devastating.

Ethereum nowadays is trying to keep up with other protocols and scale accordingly. It’s always nice to see how ETH dApps are performing, applying seamless and trustless traits. However, endeavors required for driving mass adoption are entirely in the hands of its users and developers. Only time will tell if dApps will be appealing outside the crypto sphere and applied worldwide.

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