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There is nothing more thrilling than finding a super cool app in the app store, but once installed it turns out that it was nothing more than an ads-spamming, unserviceable rubbish of an app. In the cryptoverse, app store is replaced with dApp ranking platforms which come in handy when picking the adequate, pertinent dApp is concerned. dApp ranking platforms are initially created so as to categorize and showcase disruptive projects built on different blockchains (mostly EOS, Steem, and ETH), however with time they grew and developed hand-in-hand with the industry itself. With such highly dynamic market, outdated information was looming around every corner, and dApp ranking platforms are there to tackle this challenge. These platforms can be defined as index providers built to evaluate the health and growth potential of dApp projects by capitalizing on essential metrics such as activity rates, timelines, profitability of the smart contracts, authenticity of the contributors and the communities, but also number of transactions, volume, and users.

Before the emergence of these platforms, plain ranking used to be the swiftest way for users to determine how dApps are performing in accordance to other users’ opinion. However, what happens when a new, rank-lacking dApp gets listed? Newly submitted dApps by default do not have any review whatsoever, and remain susceptible to tons of fake reviews. This is where leading dApp ranking platforms such as DappRadar and come into play. These platforms are trusted online ranking providers allowing users to have in-depth insights into dapps’ specifications in real-time.

And the best thing about them is that they are free!

One-stop platform for input on thousands of dApps —

With a goal to shed a light on decentralized technology, is providing an unparalleled ecosystem for both developers (to expose their product to wider audience and show its performance) and users (to make sure that the dApp is indeed worth using). categorized all listed dApps into several sections such as Game, Gambling, High-risk, Exchange, Finance, Social, Art, and tools so that users can easily browse through the platform. All respective dApps are also arranged by type of blockchain upon which they are built.


Each submitted dApp on the platform has a key indicator (ranking score) of its total performance (dapp’s health). ranking score is derived from few key metrics:

  1. User stats: The amount of users that is interacting with the dapp’s contract on a day-to-day basis (a.k.a daily users).

  2. Transactions stats: The amount of daily transactions of the contracts with non-zero values.

  3. Contract stats: The total volume of dapp transactions given on a daily basis.

If we take ToBet as an example, which is currently ranked as no. 70 among all the dapps listed on with a ranking score of 70 out of 100, we will be able to deduce that the ranking score is based on the following features:

· Its user base, including both new and daily active users

· Its transaction amount, including both daily volume with non-zero values

· Its contract balance, including the total volume of dapp transactions



These key metrics are derived directly from project’s smart contracts and provide real-time insight into the aforementioned features.

Platform’s complex algorithms are assessing all variables and based on their performance, the overall ranking score is derived. Generally, names all dapps with ranking (health) over 50 a healthy dapp. On top of dapp’s performance, user’s input enters the equation as well. Users can easily register and leave their dapp verdict directly on the ranking page thereby increasing other users’ awareness of specific drawback or benefit they noticed or encountered.

To top it all off, is also a medium for dapp campaigns in terms of giveaways, insights, reviews, AMAs, airdrops, and the like. Through this feature, dApps are inviting potential players to follow the CTA and join their platform in a limited period of time. Similarly, is offering free form of dApp marketing that all types of organizations can exploit.

Bring users to your DApp without a budget — dAppRadar

Similar to, dAppRadar represents a ranked list of the top performing dApps. The idea behind the project, as described by dappRadar CEO Skirmantas Januškas, is to provide a clear view of the most active dApps currently available on the market. The demand to outmaneuver platforms offering outdated information was omnipresent, and dAppRadar was amongst the first ranking platforms to present the solution. Currently, there are about 2,000 dApps being ranked on the platform and sorted by type of blockchain, but also per categories such as games, exchanges, collectibles, marketplaces, gambling, and high-risk.


Ethereum, EOS, and Tron dapps are respectively divided in sections so as to give a clear picture of their performance, but also to be easily sorted and displayed for potential assessment.

In terms of ranking and stats, dappRadar is very similar to as they both take necessary information from dapps’ smart contracts. Users, transactions, balance, and volume are divided per timeframe, that is, weekly and daily, and are calculated as following:

  1. Users — unique wallet addresses interacting with the dapp’s smart contracts

  2. Transactions — total number of transactions made to dapp’s smart contracts

  3. Volume — total amount of ETH/EOS/TRX transferred to dapp’s smart contracts

  4. Balance — total amount of ETH/EOS/TRX being held in dapp’s smart contracts


In addition to ranking stats, each dapp can use Twitter, Facebook, or Medium APIs to present livefeed of social media posts, so that each user can directly follow them from the platform.

The game-changing feature about dappRadar is the advertising option. Either being highlighted as the top dapp in the ranked list (above #1 dapp) or through internal page banners, dApps can very easily and cost-efficiently gain in marketability and overall popularity.

Top dapp in the rank list:


Internal banner:

internal banner.png

Submitting a dapp via dappRadar is very intuitive and straightforward:

1. dApp name

2. e-mail and contact details

3. Blockchain type (EOS, ETH, or TRX)

4. Social media and description

5. Smart contract addresses

6. dApp logo, icon, and platform images

7. Video URL

dAppRadar customer support usually takes up to 2 days to approve the new dapp ranking submission, but in case of an emergency (ex. dapp updates), their Telegram group is always open for communication.

dAppRadar is uniquely designed platform as it enables all sorts of dApp games, social media, online casinos, exchanges to market their platforms and how their unparalleled stats.

All-in-one ranking hybrid spearheading the crypto side of the iGaming industry — BestBitcoinCasino

BestBitcoinCasino is an online portal where community of crypto players can opt-in for the desired bonuses (depending on their preferences); inspect their favorite games (and see which online casinos offer the best house edges); peruse their favorite casinos and find out which casino is best fitting for their demands.


On top of these unparalleled features, BestBitcoinCasino covers the most pressing iGaming and blockchain news, events, and major announcements so that players don’t need to switch between sites, but rather enjoy the streamlined, multi-purposed environment.

There are about 500 casinos currently reviewed on the platform, and the available filters are empowering users to get to the most suitable casino in next to no time:

BBC providers.png

So let’s take a well-known player in the market TRONDice as an example. Its ranking criteria are very different than that of the or dappRadar:

BBC ranking.png

The ranking of each individual criterion derives from a thorough analysis of the given aspect on the casino’s platform. In this specific case, people behind BestBitcoinCasino evaluated that the trustworthiness, payout speed, range of games, and customer support is among the best in the market, however licensing and players’ satisfaction is something that they need to develop further.

The ranking section is followed by an elaborate review of the platform showcasing registration funnel, what makes the casino special, and most importantly their bonuses and promotions. In this specific case, TRONdice has displayed only referral bonus amounting to 15% (for every bet your referee makes), and other bonuses are varying.

Casino details provides an in-depth presentation of casino’s software providers, additional information in terms of mobile friendliness, supported crypto assets, minimum and maximum withdrawal, languages, live chat and the like:

BBC casino details.png

Final 2 stages of the ranking/reviewing page are consisted of the verdict (cons and pros), and user’s comments.

It seems that the platform built itself around the iGaming world, including all cycle participants starting from operators and providers, but stretching all the way to affiliate platforms, payment solution providers, license issuers, and security auditors. Obtaining information related to casinos on BestBitcoinCasino is as easy as a pie.


Taking a look at the volume of (only) BTC wagers since 2014 which exceeds $5 billion USD, it’s necessary to state that an intermediary between users and casinos is highly in demand. These and similar ranking platforms are putting forth high level of insurances for the users. Statistically, 9 out of 10 players are conducting due diligence before indulging in the platform, and these ranking platforms are doing their best to update the information with accordance to the latest updates and bestow the users with a demanded answer, that is, “should I play, or should I go?”

Marketing a dApp is very challenging as you have to dig in for your target audience much efficiently than for any other blockchain business. With years of experience in the blockverse, CoinPoint has established long-term alliances with dApp ranking, reviewing, and listing platforms and is aimed to use these associates to boost the overall exposure of the lucky few dApps who get to partner with us!

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