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I'm building a VoiceAI (aka voice activated assistant) for the SnipsAIR decentralized app store. Let's disrupt the big tech companies' (Google / Amazon / Microsoft) stranglehold on robot assistants!

What's the problem with big tech?

My twitter bot worked like a champ, so much so, that the first time I manually posted (in over 7 months) the twitter account got shut down. I gave wit.ai a run, but seriously don't want to build on data selling FaceBook. I'm not impressed with Windows 10 being so entwined with Cortana that a power user can't disable it without losing Calculator functionality. And just like any good IT, I laughed my ass off when I saw the Siri-Alexa-Google AIs on loop.

After over 2 decades of Windows, I'm on a quest to build myself the perfect AI assistant that's at home whether on a Pi, Droid, or Linux (sorry iOS users, Apple's not my thing). I want an AI that can do calculations for me, when asked. Or, that can be disabled without killing the native calculator. An assistant to work with me, not a big data spy listening for what ever back-door keywords the NSA has snuck in.

Join me in developing awesome privacy-centered voice-activated minions, use one of the links below:

My snipsAIR console ref link: https://console.snips.ai/?ref=yM6gdKP7E0E

  • use this link to start your account with the ico
  • or, to start working with your voiceAI

My snipsAIR bounty ref link: https://bounty.snips.ai/6250/4937242

  • for full information on the snipsAIR bounty see this post

From SnipsAIR's blog information about Snips app store and how to use the Snips ecosystem for sharing/rating voiceAI apps.

SnipsAIR token sale: token.snips.ai
SnipsAIR token sale blog: https://medium.com/snips-ai/token-sale/home

Cool things about SnipsAIR

  • been around since 2013
  • 4 ways to earn AIR tokens
  • 14000 developers and growing
  • 5 languages represented in the app store: French, English, Spanish, German, Japanese
  • IoT ready: Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, and Debian
  • AIR tokens for tipping developers
  • Snips takes 0% commission from tips
  • decentralized app store
  • 100% on-device, works offline, data not held by google or amazon clouds

"I think to myself I might not take it anymore."

"The man in me will hide sometimes to keep from bein' seen. / But that's just because he doesn't want turn into some machine," — Bob Dylan

Take it easy, Dudes!

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