Blockchain and Crypto Terms in Chinese (List 2)

3년 전

Account = 帳戶
Address = 地址
Altcoin = 替代幣
Anti Money Laundry = 反洗錢
Application-Specific Integrated Circuits = 特殊應用積體電路
Balance = 餘額
balanced tree = 平衡樹
Bit = 比特
Bitcoin = 比特幣
Bitcoin Improvement Proposal = 比特幣改進方案
Block = 區塊
block hash = 區塊雜湊值
block header = 區塊檔頭
block height = 區塊高度
block index = 區塊索引
block number = 區塊編號
Blockchain = 區塊鏈
Chain explorer = 區塊鏈瀏覽器
Bloom filter = 布隆過濾器
bootstrap = 啟動
branch = 分支
broadcast = 廣播
brain wallet = 腦錢包
brute-force = 暴力法
Byzantine Generals Problem = 拜占庭將軍問題
candidate block = 候選區塊
centralized = 集中式的
checksum = 檢查和
client = 客户端
cold wallet = 冷錢包
cold-storage = 冷儲存
Colored coin = 彩色幣 / 彩幣

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