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The AIVON network project is a public network for video data that works on the block tech registry and it managed by AI. Anybody – from unskilled to skilled can use this platform. This project was created based on the decentralized tool to search video data via metadata and use link protocol via open API channels. The organization is situated in Singapore and is a non-revenue community that uses the abilities of platform members to work with metadata produced by AI.

The AIVON network project is the first block based product of its type, which joints men experience and AI to standardize work with metadata, offering details processing speeds up to 10 times faster than traditional systems. In spite of the fact that more than 1 billion hours of video data viewed on YouTube each day, perfect and standard Meta data such as tags, categories, and timestamps are remained missing.

AIVON network project creators apply advanced SEs in their products, monetization of content uses AI content and technology marketing, step by step content making, ecosystems for patterning rights to video created, virtual fingerprint systems, tag assignments for every content in the system and more indexing in the block registry, comparing diff video data, individual recommendation devices and more.


What is the AIVON Network project?

The amazing things about AIVON Network project are that they not just focus on the block chain, but that AI is also a vital aspect. This makes it very possible to talk about a complete AIVON Network project in which the technology is central. The issue that the AIVON Network project team has skilled is that videos data are often turned on, but there’s a target group, and truly receive the opinion and message given in the video.

About Token Model and Allocation
Incentivizing individuals who build available their computing resources for AI processing, who use their capability to verification, tagging, record, and translation is the key purpose of the token. AIVON protocol introduces a token sale previous month to fund the development, process, and advertising of the AIVON protocol and system.

The adoption and use of the tokens will advantage from existing consumers based on over 550 Million addressable consumers worldwide that already use an IVS powered internet video content platform. Upon launch, this platform consumers will all be capable to offer their computing resources or human capability and be capable to apply AVO tokens on IVS powered systems.

The token is developed applying ETH ERC: 20 based token standards. The AVO token serves the following features:

• A standard of exchange within the platform
• As a payment solution and micro accounting tool
• As an incentive token and rewards for platform contributors

Token Sale

AIVON Network token sale for AVO token is planned for November 2018. Following are a few of the key functions of the token sale, allocation, and use of proceeds they'll offer 35 percent of their tokens for buy by the public in the ICO sale, including bonuses of the presale. An extra 20 percent will be retained as a keep to be circulated for purposes including business development, community initiatives, education, standards-promotion, and market development. Including both the above, they'll eventually be distributing 80 percent of their tokens to the public. This'll make the sure long-term development of AIVON platform, and will hold up development of the system as a whole.

• Token Symbol: AVO
• Private Sales Start Date: 1 August 2018
• White listing Date: 1 Oct 2018
• Open Sales Date: Nov 2018
• first issue size : 400,000,000
• Max issue size : 1,000,000,000 after 10 years
• Token value: 6.25 AIVON to one USD (token fee in Ether will be fixed 2-days earlier than the start of the ICO sale)
• Hard cap: USD18,000,000

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