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Is there anything that can surprise us with some type of ads are there currently? I think that’s unlikely. We often see the ads on TV, web resources, print, billboards, and other outdoor advertising structure, and is therefore very familiar. Often, we don’t even noticed it, because it has become something that’s unusual for us. And this from advertisers who spend a lot of money on advertising was miserable, and the result becomes minimal. In addition, often the ads installed repetitive or inappropriate can adjust negatively consumers with the product or service being advertised. Therefore, the advertising industry is waiting for a new approach to advertising, which will not only attract more potential customers, but also require less financial costs, while maintaining efficiency. ARROUND project team is working on this issue.ghvcg.png


ARROUND is a decentralized augmented reality (AR) platform that provides the world with a captivating new digital environment to explore, where millions will be able to create and share their own AR experiences.

Advertisers will have a brand new way to engage consumers through the use of creative campaigns in augmented reality, and high-street retail outlets can harness the power of big data and targeted campaigns for the first time in history


In the ARROUND application, there are three main components: the camera (through which AR interacts), the news feed from the rounds (the user receives news only from those rounds to which they are subscribed), a map showing the rounds in the area. There will also be different user roles: a regular user (interacts with rounds of advertisers and other users, has limited opportunities to create rounds), a professional blogger (has more functionality to create rounds), a brand account (company account), an account of an advertising agent creation of advertising content using a wide range of tools), moderator (consults users on emerging issues, controls the creation of rounds according to internal rules). It is also worth noting that within the ARROUND platform there is a Portal - it is a web resource through which advertisers and bloggers can manage their content, pay for the use of platform services.


Token ARR (created on the block of Ethereum) is the only internal payment unit. Users, depending on their role on this platform and functions, will pay for ARROUND services. First ARR can be purchased at all stages of the sale, and after that it will be available on stock exchanges. In the future, the team plans to move to its own block.

Token distribution:

48,3% - sale
8.2% - bonus at the time of sale
22% - fund for community development and liquidity (includes advisers, partners, etc.)
10% - Fund for Support of Master Node Holders
10% team
1.5% bounty

Selling tokens:

Token - ARR
Pre-sail - February 27, 2018 - May 1, 2018
Privat-seil - until September 15, 2018 (bonus 40%)
Token-seil - September 15, 2018 - November 15, 2018
The price of the token is $ 0.035
The minimum amount of fees is $ 5,000,000
The maximum amount of fees is $ 30,000,000
Created tokens - 3 000 000 000 ARR (unsold tokens will be burned)

ARROUND Business Model

The platform and ecosystem created by ARROUND will be based on the following business model:

  1. The ARROUND platform will earn money by showing advertisements as well as through the lease of map data.

  2. All prices inside the system will be set in fiat currencies.

  3. Payments for ads and purchases inside the system will be made using ARR tokens. Tokens can be bought using both cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

  4. Benefits for users: discounts, bonuses and rewards for performing tasks from advertisers; token transfers between users.

  5. Income sources for service providers: payment for premium content by advertisers and users.

  6. Income of blockchain node holders and the owners of servers with content: a share of transaction fees paid automatically and automatic payments from the Network Development Fund (NDF). All these payments are expected to be made using smart contracts.



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