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Investing in deex cryptocurrency while the price in withdrawal is due to the market, and because people who think that if they invest in deex then a week after the coin goes to the stock exchange, they will receive x100, but deex is a long-term investment, and how deex will grow , the token fee will grow, there is no doubt that the token price will go up, and I will tell you now why. Deex is not only cryptocurrency exchange, it will be an entire ecosystem that includes: a platform for securely conducting ICOs, a platform for creating a decentralized transparent blockchain from crypto funds, cryptocurrency debit cards, an API for integrating third party applications and services, creating actual cryptomattes networks.
We are pleased to inform you that today was the first release of the beta version of the exchange DEEX Exchange. The updated functionality includes a more convenient and intuitive interface for displaying markets (Markets) and registering new users (Registration). We have also done a lot of work to optimize the exchange and fixed a significant number of errors that made it difficult for you to trade. Please note that with the launch of the new release of the trading platform, we leave the alpha version active for use.


How will you buy the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin? You cannot buy a bitcoin and keep it in your home like Gold or Silver because they are virtual currencies. You may not be able to buy a BTC or Ether from traditional exchange markets or OTC exchanges because the cryptocurrencies are still unregulated and not considered as a tradable asset by many countries including US. So, the only available option to buy bitcoin or other digital currencies is through the cryptocurrency based exchanges. Basically, there are two types of exchanges available which are given below:

Centralized exchanges – In this type of exchange, the participants cannot make much contribution to the decision making is handled by one single body. But centralized exchanges are easy to use and provides many advanced trading options. Popular exchanges like Poloniex, Kraken, BitFinex fall under this category. The only drawback is that the participants need to keep their funds in the wallets of the exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges – This type of exchanges are new and slowly emerging as an alternative to centralized systems. In decentralized exchanges, every participant has equal right in the decision-making process. Also, they can keep their money in their personal wallets which will provide a high level of security when compared with centralized exchanges.

DEEX is one such decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which is under development. The main objective of DEEX is to erase the line between the real and the digital world by developing an efficient crypto exchange that can be used globally.

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