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Eternal Trusts is a blockchain platform for deferred purchases of future technologies. There are over 16 million millionaires in the world today, and at least 10% of them would eagerly try anything that might radically prolong their lifespan and improve their standard of living. However, no matter how much one is willing to pay, you are still prohibited from buying services that have not been approved by regulators, are inaccessible due to legislative inadequacies, or which require additional research. We provide a solution to this problem by creating a platform where individuals can formulate products and services necessary for their well-being, where research groups can analyze potential demand for their latest developments, and finally, where customers of our unique product can create smart contracts that will ensure autonomous purchases of future services.

ICO details
Talk much about the ICO project.Total token stock ETT
All tokens that are not sold will be burned.
22 March 2018 closure 30 May 2018.
The price of tokent at this stage 0.010$
1 June 2018 closure 1 August 2018.
As early as possible in achieving the ICO project HARDCAP.
Price order at this stage
0.014$ 0.018 -- $ -- 0.021$
SOFTCAP 7.000.000$
HARDCAP Will be announced after the conduct of the PRESALE
I want to say that this project is inherently unique.Fantastic solutions will find many followers.And I think that the success of the project will not take long to wait.My opinion is supported by the opinion of the largest rating sites that put the project maximum points.This means that the investment attractiveness of the project is very high.


Token ETT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 ETT = 0.01 USD
Price in ICO 1 ETT = 0.021 USD
BONUS Pre-Sale 50%
Tokens for sale 1,950,000,000


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