The 8th Wonder of the World.

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Do you know what the 8th Wonder of the World is?

  • Well according to Albert Einstein, it’s Compound Interest.

Compound Interest has been around for a long time, yet it isn’t as well known as it should be. For those who have been around the marketplace for awhile, you can appreciate the power of compound interest.

So what is it?

Compound interest (or compounding interest) is interest calculated on the initial principal and also on >the accumulated interest of previous periods of a deposit or loan. ” — (

Here’s an example:

James is 20 years old and works in the fast food industry. He earns $40,000 a year, of which is can comfortably safe $5,000. He enjoys watching the stock market but is cautious about losing his money to it. James figures he needs to do something with his savings so decides to invest in a managed share fund earning a historical 10% p.a.

He slots away $5,000 a year into the fund for 10 years:

After the 10 years, he has invested $50,000 of his own money and has a total investment return of $79,683!

James decides he wants to support his family more and leave the fund alone.

Let’s see what happens to the fund with no support from James:

When James is 50 years old, his original investment from his 20’s is now worth $487,333.

How did this happen?
The 10% interest in growth each year compounded onto the interest from the previous years. The longer this goes on for, the faster the growth accelerates. All James had to do was invest and hold.

Yes, this is a theoretical example, but it should be taken as nothing more than that.

That is the stock market however, does the Crypto world offer anything like this?

Have a look at this introduction video to Smartcash and also check out their website:

Smartcash is a cryptocurrency designed around a community governance, cooperation & growth blockchain, within a decentralized economy.

Smart Hive:

SMART believes in giving the community the power to decide which direction the coin should go and what the budget should be used on.
One thing that sets SMART apart from other traditional cryptocurrencies is its mining rewards.
80% of block rewards is put back into the community to fund for growth of the coin and to provide funds for community proposals and hive teams.
15% of the block reward is then put towards Smart rewards (I’ll get to that later)
Lastly, 5% of the block is given to the miners.
Sounds like a pretty bad deal for the miners, right? Wrong, Smart rewards compensates for this.

Community Proposals are a great aspect to this coin. It allows a way for the SMART community to propose and vote on others idea’s that will aid the growth of the coin. This gives incentives for the community to get involved in the development and marketing of the coin.

Hive Teams are interesting, think of them like a bee hive. There is a team for development, one for outreach & marketing and one for support & web. They all do their designated roles but together form a great team. Anyone can join in as well, regardless of their skill set, that’s the beauty of this design.

Smart Rewards:

If you enjoyed the segment on compound interest, then you love this. Smart rewards is a feature designed to give an incentive for holding. Anyone who holds a 1000 or more SMART in their wallet on the 25th of each month, will receive Smart rewards.
Last month, the Smart rewards payout was 25%, next months payout is expected to be 12.8%.
This takes holding crypto to a whole new level and adopts the power of compound interest.
You can check out the Smart rewards calculator here

I’ll quickly reiterate that once more, 12.8% a month, meaning 153.6% p.a. Very hard to find a deal better than that in the market.


SMARTcash stands by it’s goals to become a fungible and widely adopted cryptocurrency, so they adopted a Zerocoin implementation. The Renew feature allows for any holder to effectively exchange old coins for new coins, at no cost. They come with no history and this gains the advantage of not being trackable by services like coinfirm. For those who want some form of privacy protection, they can utilize this.


To compete with other major cryptocurrencies, Smartcash has decided to implement InstantPay. Its is designed to allow for instant point of sale both in store and online. It is due to roll out late 2017.


There are currently 3 mining pools available for Smartcash (USA, Europe and Asia). These pools contain 0% fee’s and also come with tutorials on how to get involved.
The mining algorithm used is Keccak. A notable feature about Keccak is the fact that ASIC’s have not yet been created for this algorithm.

General Specs (as of November 11, 2017):

  • Price: $0.069648 USD / 0.00001039 BTC
  • Market Cap: $18,902,377
  • Vol (last 24h’s): $66,316
  • Circulating Supply: 271,399,487 SMART
  • Total Supply: 872,443,766 SMART
  • Max Supply: 5,000,000,000 SMART

My 2 cents:

This is a fantastic coin that is still surprisingly unknown. It takes the best features of other coins and rolls them into one. Their roadmap looks very promising, with IOS/Android wallets next in the pipeline. My biggest incentive to jump in on this one is Smart rewards. I’ve always been a fan of compound interest and this takes the cake.

Thanks for reading, and as always


Smartcash address: SXJUcT4DXGLuDysdcShRkKKguPbEQqbcYk

If you would like to learn more about SmartCash please visit:
Smartcash reddit

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SmartCash is far better than bitconnect.

And with BitConnect you can take full advantage of compounding interest.

I enjoyed your discussion of compound interest. I recall someone saying something similar to this, "When it comes to compounding interest you either benefit from it or pay for it to someone else's benefit".

@cryptotoid have you joined Team Smartcash here on Steemit ?


I am not, how would I go about joining?

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