CyberTrust - Amazing New Blockchain Technology Makes Purchasing Securities Easy!

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By using ERC-20 standard tokens, purchasing banking securities now requires very little effort. The CyberTrust online account management system makes it a totally simple and easy process, and it's all thanks to modern cryptocurrency. Purchasing securities used to take days or weeks to become finalized, but can now be done nearly instantly, and with just a few clicks of the mouse!

How Does CyberTrust Work, And Why Should I Use It?

CyberTrust improves the speed, security, and convenience of security purchasing. Making full use of Ethereum Blockchain technology, you stay one step ahead of competing businesses and individuals "falling behind." Europe is now full speed ahead with their Payment Services Directive 2 (PDS2), so getting onboard with their decentralized technology is a smart move.

Let's use a metaphor so it's easier to understand. 32-bit computing technology has been around for ages, and when 64-bit computing finally came out, there was a learning curve associated with learning how to use it.
Adding decentralized Blockchain features to banking and security setups is a similar situation, metaphorically anyway, and is going to take time for people to get used to it.

Some Of The High-Tech CyberTrust Features And Benefits

CyberTrust CABS Token - The CABS token functions as both an access key and utility token. CAB tokens are the only way to convert digital assets into crypto securities at the CyberTrust website.
Multiple Forms Of Currency Accepted - Choose from Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) By arrangement: USD Tether (USDT), Swiss Francs (CHF) and Euros (EUR).
Digital Smart Contracts - Using the Blockchain to create an unalterable record of events helps to improve security and improve the likelihood of continued financial success.
Tileable, Auditable, Transferable Ownership - When you purchase securities at CyberTrust, they're legally yours and vested in your name. And the ownership status of your securities are easily identifiable, auditable for tax purposes, and transferable to your choice of named beneficiary.
Risk-Free Clearing And Settlement - Traditional securities involving middleman clearing houses to come with the associated "failure to deliver" risk. CyberTrust operates without clearing houses, in an automated fashion, so there's never any risk of a failed delivery of your security purchase. This is thanks to direct Peer-2-Peer involvement. The settlement is risk-free as well, with zero danger of Herstatt type failures.
For more complete information on CyberTrust, please visit the CyberTrust website at

Investing In The New Ethereum Blockchain Trend

BitCoin uses the Ethereum Blockchain to power its dynamics. In fact, it's the very first online business to ever prove the decentralized Blockchain works and produces profits! Now lots of other people are "jumping on the bandwagon" to create their very own Blockchain based start-up companies. You can find everything from video sharing sites to virtual currency exchanges using new Blockchain technology to power them. And the number of these new businesses number into the THOUSANDS! Choose to invest in CyberTrust while the cost is low!

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HMMM, quite interesting. Never heard of this cybertrust before. THANKS

A very facinating post. Although I wonder how the benifits of this technology will gain the attention of the everyday Joe and Jane. Beyond that, how is it likely to overcome resistance in the market from the established orthodoxy? Whatever the case, the world of finance is changing fast. Thanks for bringing us up to speed on this interesting topic.

Informative post... your post is upvoted & resteemed.


Yeah @danizaharie very informative post once again

Noted CyberTrust in my diary - super useful!


So, has anyone told you that buying these securities probably has a middleman in there somewhere taking their cut? Or is there something I am not understanding. Maybe it's not de-centralized, which means you are just making a fast transaction and don't have to pick up the phone to call your broker.

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Very interesting Information... Thank you

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