Geens - the new privacy focused document storage with blockchain timestamping services

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Just as the above title states, Geens is a private document storage solution - and even some may compare it to well know online platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive, Geens is proud to have an even higher level of privacy. Find out more about this platform and its token sale, in this article.

How does Geens actually function?
In order to get a proper understanding of the processes behind Geens, we have to use our imagination and also try to visualize each of the operations that are taking part on this platform.

Step 1: Visualize the encrypted document storage and the blockchain timestamping services
Both of these two main parts comprise a single unified product offers users the change to keep in a perfectly private manner documents. Moreover, these components allows members to timestamp them on the blockchain.

Step 2: Access is granted only to the respective users
Meanwhile, end-to-end encrypted document storage is secure and private. Only the user has the key and therefore the access to the respective files. Not even the Geens administrators have access to that data, nor can they even see it.
It is important to note that Geens is GDPR compliant.

Step 3: The system is easy to use and intuitive
By creating and implementing a clean and a simple design and floating cards interface, Geens gives its users the opportunity to work with their documents directly on this platform

Step 4: Discover and make the most of the universal value of the timestamps
Users can timestamp their documents on the blockchain in order to prove the data existence or ownership. These timestamps can be utilised in courts, all around the world - they can play the role of being legal proofs, for various and numerous cases.

Step 5: The GEE token permits the existence of the GEE economy
For the GEE Economy to fully function, a special token has been developed - the GEE (the utility and exchange token).

Step 6: Different roles in the ecosystem, different rewards
In this new environment, some users timestamp their files, while other users perform as legal assistants, validators or consultants. By doing these various operations and providing this quality services in Geens, they are rewarded with GEE tokens .

Step 7: Various target groups are reached and retained
By doing so, Geens succeeds in delivering various services to multiple categories of target groups:
a. Premium services for all sorts of individual users
b. Custom solutions for enterprises and companies, who get commissions from the GEE economy

Step 8: A transparent manner to manage the profits
All extra profits are returned to the NPO members (Geens is a nonprofit organization). In fact, all Geens users can choose whether to become or not NPO members and make the most of the benefits that come with this privilege.

Geens is supervised by the ethical committee and can never be acquired by other entities or companies - this is just one of the things that makes it unique and trustworthy.

Learn out more about Geens, the current market sittuation, a competition analysis ant the Geens solution in detail by downloading the latest Whitepaper at

Also, feel free to browse through the official website to learn all about the tokens distribution campaign, the role of the new GEE tokens and the roadmap of development on Register now for the token sale and earn 1 GB of free end-to-end encrypted cloud storage!

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Token on Ethereum?


Yes. GEE is an ERC-20 token.