Blockchain Korea X Provenance Summit

2년 전

November 20th, 2018 — Provenance Events (an Irish startup) held the Provenance Summit in South Korea, while partnering with Blockchain Korea. This blockchain summit was spectacularly located on the Floating Island Convention Center along the Han River in a central area of Seoul.

This was a full day summit hosting speakers from Korea University, the EU Parliment, Crypto Kitties, Korfin, Monero and numerous organizations involved in the blockchain industry.

Over 200 participants attended this event bringing the globe of blockchain together under one roof. Blockchain brainstorming and networking flourished here yesterday. I am always excited to meet dreamers in the blockchain sphere who I know will shake the future.

This event held a mixture of presentations in both Korean and English, however, I found everyone I spoke to personally knew English! Blockchain Korea hosted a wonderful event, and we look forward to diving deeper into the blockchain ecosystem in Korea. Eventually, Korea and nations around the world involved in blockchain will be connected on one level.


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