Ban on sports betting lifted by Supreme court. Now each state get's to decide on legality.

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There are a few blockchain betting coins that could benefit from this return to freedom. What remains to be seen is what each state does in regards to sports betting.

States will get to choose what to do and enact it through legislation. There are 12 states with pending legislation that anticipated the end of the Federal sports ban. These 12 states could fast track heir way into being the first states with a thriving sports betting economy. It is estimated that in the next few years that 30+ states will legalize sports betting. Sure this is good news for Fan Duel and Draftkings.. There are some blockchain based betting platforms that could benefit greatly as well.


NLC2 coin is my favorite of the betting cryptocurrencies. They already have a working platform and have done fantasy seasons of European football, American football, Hockey, and Baseball. They also added fantasy contest for betting on cryptocurrency projects. It has been fun competing in the game that I watch the most, the cryptomarket game. Soon they will be adding MMA, Baseball, and cricket. They are also working hard on bringing Esports betting, and No Rake Poker to their platform. That will make them a very well rounded sports betting blockchain. Currently NLC2 is at .06 cents. This coin has been over 40 cents in the recent past. Aside from Steem, this is really the only coin I ACTUALLY use.

Unikoin Gold has a narrow focus on Esports betting. I expect this market to grow just as the online competitive gaming community has. RAPIDLY. It is no secret that NFL and NBA teams are buying Esport teams that are playing League of Legends, DOTA 2, Rocket League, Counterstrike and other extremely competitive games with a large fan base. I am sure that someday, that some esport game will have more viewers than the Superbowl. With Mark Cuban as an investor, and with the betting ban being dropped. Unikoin Gold might also be a coin worth checking out. Currently priced at 0.21 cents, it has been as high as 2 dollars.

Of course, this is not financial advice. Do your own research. Let this just be one small piece of that research if do decide to invest. I am just excited that what used to be the most free country on earth, just gave us some of our stolen freedoms back.

What other sports betting coins do you know of? Which ones do you prefer? If you watch the markets and trade. Why not go to crypto fantasy sports. Sign up and enter in the free fantasy crypto game. Guess the 5 best crpytocurrencies for the week and win yourself some free NLC2!

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The US needs to legalise it so they can get a cut of the pie, otherwise blockchain betting projects are going to dominate and they'll get nada.

Common sense must prevail in the long run.

Never heard of NLC - thanks for introducing it. Going to sign up today. I invested in Wagerr during the ICO but that's more of a traditional sportsbook.


How is it doing since ico. I had heard of it and checked out the website, and it seemed to be running and workable with bets being made. I never got coins to try it out though, have you?


It's at 2x the ico price although it was as high as 9-10x back in Dec. I got the coins to run a node there but i haven't actually bet on anything. I think it'll be ready when the world cup starts next month. Or at least that's what they're promising now.

About time... So tired of the government treating adults like children with silly rules such as gambling. Meanwhile, you can buy lottery tickets at nearly every gas station in America.. But betting on a game is frowned upon? Lol at least if you are knowledgeable about sports, that bet requires a certain amount of skill, rather than blindly scratching a ticket. Some things make no sense so I'm glad to see this finally being reconsidered.

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