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Hello readers, welcome to my blog, I am about to introduce to you a brand new proposal for the world that will change the internet sector and world in this present dispensation. You would agree with me that the internet plays a vital role in the world today. For a long time there has been a question in the heart of many, and that question is will blockchain cause the kind of change the internet brought about in the 90's same as the automobile in the 20's?. Blockchain has brought about a change in several sectors in life but the question is will it bring that same change to the world of internet.

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The Function X is an platform and an ecosystem that looks towards turning the internet world around. The Function X ecosystem works on a public chain, this ecosystem is created for and on the blockchain, they will improve technology and give a ten times change from before that will take a turn from its speed scalability, transparency and consensus. This ecosystem is highly decentralized and is known for security, it is fascinating that every inch and bytes of this ecosystem is centered, a part and a parcel of the blockchain technology.

The Function X Mission

Pundi X worked tirelessly to present the world with one thing. Following the gnashing of teeth and continual complaints of internet citizens, they cry for one thing and the Pundi X team via Function X will provide that by providing a decentralized internet.

The Components Of Function X

  • Function X Operating System
  • Function X distributed ledger
  • Function X Decentralized Docker
  • Function X IPFS
  • FXTP Protocol

The FUNCTION X Products

The Function X produced a series of products that will help to make meeting demands and improve the satisfaction of the market (world);

  • XPOS : The XPOS will be introduced and upgraded immediately after Function X is initiated, it will serve as a decentralized POS (Point-of-Sale). The XPOS will serve as a node that will carry out transactions and also play a decentralized role in the Function X network.

  • BOB : the BOB is an XPhone that is birthed on the Snapdragon on the specifications of 660,6GB+64GB which is the least of the specs required. BOB is a working prototype that is different from our normal mobile phones.

  • Nodes : the node plays the part of distribution, it will distribute services depending on the performance, storage capacity, location and trustworthiness of the nodes concerned.


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Internet and automobiles has a brought about a change in the society and world at large right, well how about we compete with that and top the cake with a cherry? The Function X ecosystem is a system that looks towards causing a revolutionizing change in the and via the internet services and world. They present a never before offer that will change internet, this will in short change everything, They will bring internet service and operation 10x higher via their products.

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