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Sports has been an event from the days of our forefathers. So many things has been done as sport, rating from wrestling, running, swimming, even a game of leisure such as Mancala has gone into sports. By the year sports grows more interesting and fun. It has grown so wide that people started placing money on it for more profit and gain, that is known as betting.Right about now cryptocurrency is about to give sport betting a whole new look.

Cryptocurrency A New Move For The Betting World

The rate at which cryptocurrency is taking over the world can not be over emphasized. As the year goes by, cryptocurrency seems to be ravishing the economic sectors, it seems like a gospel being preached every where, and the way it is going, the world is accepting it wholeheartedly. The ONIZ platform is about to change the sporting sector via the implementation of cryptocurrency.

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What Is ONIZ?
ONIZ is a kind of token that is birthed by the ONIZ fund, this token will be used as a form of payment that will be invoked into our day to day activities. Oniz will carry out a development of artificial intelligence (AI) to help analyze sports betting. This token will also give users a head up for an accurate score on the sport. This only happens when the user owns a number of the Oniz token.

The Advantage Of ONIZ Token to Sport Betting

  • Most sport lovers bet on games without being sure whether or not it will pull through, but with the ONIZ token there is 80% possibility of one getting an accurate sport betting tips. This automatically means, that a sport lover could tell the end of a game from its beginning with the help of ONIZ token, that assurance is truly an insurance.

  • More than just knowing how a game will end, the joy is in winning the game. ONIZ gives a football lover an 85% assurance in winning the bet he/she placed on the game. ONIZ does this by using an anlysis and ratio drawn from bookies and from the Oniz platform.

Token distribution

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Sport betting is about to get better, following the initiation of ONIZ in collaboration with the SBOBET online betting site. The fear of betting and loosing will be totally eliminated, once a user is able to own a given amount of ONIZ token, his line will be falling in pleasant places. The ONIZ platform gives an 85% of winning a game, now that is efficiency at its peak, being able to discern a game before it starts and gives ONIZ token possessors a chance at the game is highly commendable.

For more information

WEB: https://oniz.co/
WP: https://oniz.co/oniz/img/English-1.pdf
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Onizco
TELEGRAM GROUP: https://t.me/Onizco
TELEGRAM CHANNEL: https://t.me/OnizCo1

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