Hyundai AutoEver partners with Blockchain-as-a-Service provider Blocko

5개월 전

Aergo Enterprise x Hyundai AutoeEver.png

Hyundai further strengthen its ties with Blocko

On April 23, 2019 Blocko has signed a Memorandum of understanding with Hyundai AutoEver - A sales company owned by Hyundai Group. The car manufacturer is partnering with Blocko to build a platform that keeps track of the history of used Car to be resold on the market. Besides storing confidential data such as vehicles' age, mileage and owners identity, the partnerships is to foster the adoption of the technology amongst autmotive industry

The collaboration between Hyundai and Blocko indicates that Auto Motive industry is keen on using Blockchain Technology. The South Korean company to date has a clientele consisting of over 20+ large-capped companies, that intend on leveraging enterprise-grade solutions to build private blockchain-based apps, smart contracts or distributed services.

Blocko x Aergo Enterprise

With a handful of Blockchain-as-a-service providers offering complex blockchain backed, only a few get the privilege of working with real life businesses that servicing millions of users. As for Blocko and the team spearheading the project, the next step forward is Aergo, a hybrid open-source platform that bridges private & public blockchain whilst also featuring enterprise-grade cloud services.

This is not the first instance of where the automobile industry meets blockchain, as some of the leading Car manufacturers such as BMW, Renault, General Motors and Ford, are keen on adopting the same technology underpinning Bitcoin, to be used for various use-cases from Supply chain management to ride-sharing.

For more information, surrounding the Hyundai x Blocko partnerships:

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BMW, FORD and GE Motors are also getting involved in the Blockchain space! Though, wondering why are these auto motives companies so keen on adopting this tech compared to other industries. I drive an Hyundai Tuscan, excited to hear this


Seem's like the Automotive Industry is more interested in Crypto than top tech companies. I've expected phone manufacturer like Apple & Xiaomi to catch the hype surrounding crypto first. But it seems for some reason Automobile companies are more keen on having a first mover advantage

Last year, car manufacturers decided to join in on the bandwagon! That's what I've noticed


Totally agree! I assume you kept up to date with Vechain, a project that inked deals fast with Automotive Manufacturer. Loads of headlines of renowned Car brands getting into the Cryptospace

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