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CoinBundle will make investing in cryptocurrencies simple and accessible to everyone. Coinbundle will introduce popular ways of investing esp. for retail investors and it shall grant sufficient expertise on how to manage a portfolio actively.

From time memorial, large market investments (real estate, stocks, portfolios e.t.c) have always been available to the wealthy and this has greatly contributed to the global income inequality growth. now, the emergence of cryptocurrency has created the opportunity for anyone to save and invest in high return investment. So, coinbundle will be the platform where investors can get information on any crytocurrency in order to diversify their portfolio. Much thanks to the blockchain technology which caused the growth of cryptocurrencies by it increased adoption. Though statistically 8% of Americans and less than 1% of people globally own cryptocurrencies but by the adoption of the coinbundle there shall be a widespread development.

Coinbundle will launch their core product with three bundles designed with risk tolerance which will maximize utility and add a unique value to the platform for investors. After the initial three bundles have become operational, Coinbundle will create other bundles based on different criteria.

Two wonderful marketplace features called BUNDLEMARKET (provide a range of investment opportunities by being a dynamic marketplace of all available and upcoming bundles to bundle purchasers on the platform.) and BUNDLEREWARD (permit the exchange of BNDL to¬kens for some tasks, e.g BNDL can be earned by users for providing evidence of completing courses developed by coinbundle) will be added also. The bundlemarket, before investing the cryptocurrency will be relatively weighted following the six main indicators as part of the analysis, which are as follows;
Team and advisory board
Progress on building the project, including Github repo - code review
Token metrics
Positive/negative news.

The coinbundle team members are experts in technology, finance and policy experience and have decided to create this opportunity for investors around the world. The team has over 50 years of experience which has distinguished them and has brought the backing of leading investors in Silicon Valley, such as YCombinator, Initialized Capital, Tuesday Capital, Switch Ventures, Liquid2 Ventures, Ami¬no Capital and Funder’s Club.
It is important to get a full list of our team, investors and advisors please visit our website at

CoinBundle Token (BNDL) is an ERC20 cryptocurrency, utilizing smart contracts. This will be used to reward good investing behavior, to access power features on the platform and to Incentivize Tasks and Earn Commissions, bringing effective investing experience. Token holders will get bonuses, as holding the BNDL token will make them eligible to earn 1-2% bonuses in tokens whenever they purchase and add investments to bundles over an extended period of time.
The value of BNDL tokens held the investors will determine the total bonuses to be rewarded and thereby enabling everyone to earn bonuses according to their investment capacity.

Bonus structure

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