Doctor Smart: innovative platform for digital healthcare and wellness services.

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Here we'll get to talk on our health-care. Listen, there is nothing strong as the place or platform for accessing healthcare in a unique fashion with financial benefits and leverage attached to it in general. It is about providing the best healthcare service and system for users and health professionals. The health sector is set to witness this change and improvement. The framework is expressive and functional exceptional for users. it represents the value change sequence of the healthcare industry. This happens to be the strongest link of wealth for all globally. The state of one's health is the strongest advantage or merit one can have in life. Thus, on the blockchain is the adoption of the DoctorSmart cryptocurrency platform for the users on the blockchain market.

This represents the focal strength and point of the platform. It is the direct representation of the DoctorSmart platform. Hence, more than ever our world needs a new revolution and a well articulated and constructed framework in the healthcare sector. The DoctorSmart is that platform on the blockchain. There is nothing more powerful than using this technology for the users, crypto-traders, contributors and miners. There is no limit to this framework on the blockchain technology fills or podium. It is the significant piece in the present cryptocurrency blockchain healthcare puzzle meeting all the demands and solutions the healthcare sector envisages.


The DoctorSmart platform is all about the provision of healthcare and wellness using a digital paradigm and structure. it is an ecosystem that enables the users to access their records in a transparent way, reach out to healthcare with specialist in a simple and straightforward manner. This defines the limitless point to which all users can better be served on a twenty-four (24), to seven(7) days completely without any form of hindrances and restrictions. The DoctorSmart is an ecosystem filled with health experts, clinics, hopitals, patients all over the world in general and also more capable healthcare providers in different establishment worldwide. The platform is decentralized and uses the ERC20 node for transactions.

The components reveals what the platform provides for the users. The platform offers a direct access to consultants at any time and anywhere for the users. Furthermore, all socio-economic groups in the world should be able to know the price range of medical service and access them digitally in their various countries of residence. The platform also provides patients with total control and access over their medical files and records. This defines the standpoint and stance for which all data elements of a patient remains his or her exclusive reserve. The excellence of consultancy or consultation is not dependent on location or just accessibility in person or online. Hence, the payment price ratio for a patient is elemental to the users, clinics and specialist as full audit can be carried out expressively. This however leads to the full audit nature of the specialist details been reachable for all. This also means that all doctors details can be vetted and checked for validation and conciseness in facts.


The DoctorSmart platform is advantageous in nature as it provides users and patients with the highest amount to specialist in meeting all patients need and desires. DoctorSmart also enables prompt access to healthcare via telemedicine and online call services speedily. The Platform also establishes, non-disruptive video and voice calls for the users as access is limitless in nature for the users. The platform is also equipped with 24 hours services of all forms via meetings with doctors in persons, via online calls(video or voice) as the case maybe. It stands to reason also that DoctorSmart also reaches out to government organisations, medical clinics, insurance companies, specialists and patients.

Token name: DoctorSmart Token
Token symbol: DSTT
Authored Token is an ERC-20 token
Exchange rate: 1 DSTT = 0.0001 ETH
Hard cap: $50million dollars
Presale (17.04.2018–15.05.2018)
public sale (July 1 st - August 1st, 2018)

This is one aspect of the Monetization acquisition by the platform. The other monetization stance comes from revenues from collaboration and direct revenues from selling services in general.

The platform is updated on its web homepage at with all kinds of information. Hence, the informations regarding ICO Targets and roadmap can be viewed for interested investors, contributors and users at the above stated platform.

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