EINC - Creating Unique Protocols for Creating, Managing, and Running Applications

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Etherinc which is also known as einc is an Ethereum fork designed to create decentralized applications and unique protocols for creating, managing and running decentralized organizations. It is a blockchain solution, the first live project to develop digital organizations based on cryptographic proof and it aims to empower entrepreneurs around the world to build and operate decentralized companies that are free from restrictions, costly and cross-border intermediaries. This collaborative approach will help drive more value into the product and also increase the company's trust and resilience. Now, with the provision of this service, Etherinc will be accessible worldwide to entrepreneurs.

How EtherInc Crypto Blockchain Works

To understand unique operation
Ever heard of the term ‘comprehensive abstract base layer?’. EtherInc has been able to succeed in building it, such that it contains a blockbinary network with an internal programming language. This actually means that everyone in the ecosystem can create intelligent contracts and other decentralized applications where they can set their own rules of property, state transit functions and transaction patterns.

Know also that this platform will be particularly useful for making decentralized applications where users are looking for a fast development process and when different application capabilities interact efficiently.

Einc has created the core dApp for all eInc organisations. This dApp is EtherInc Blockchain-based and it is very similar to the Ethereum-based dApps. The Ethereum dApp can be deployed on the EtherInc Blockchain. eInc dApp is a smart contract with inbuilt protocols to run an organization. However, every eInc organization is actually a smart contract on EtherInc Blockchain.

The reason for the commencement of the EtherInc Blockchain is to create purely decentralized architecture where organisations can run and flourish without any intermediaries.

Token unique operation.
The transactional backbone of the EtherInc Blockchain is the ETi coin. The ETI coin serves as a crypto-fuel for the EtherInc Blockchain and it has several uses. This can be seen in the diagram.

Transaction has been made easy because everything in the einc organization is proposal-based. if the need to send ETI to another address arises, then a proposal will be created which when passed, automatically transfers the to the beneficiary's ETI wallet address. This is simply the einc work-flow.

Token name : EtherInc Coin
Token symbol: ETI
Maximum Coin Supply : 997,528,142
Soft Cap : 1,000,000
Hard Cap : 22,000,000
Selling Price : 1 ETI = $0.10
Pre ICO sale begins 07 June 2018
Pre ICO sale ends 15 June 2018
ICO sale starts 25 June 2018
ICO sale ends 25 July 2018

In summary, eInc empowers teams around the world to create, manage, and operate decentralized democratic organizations that are more resilient and trusted. This enables efficient creation of value without borders, restrictions, and costly intermediaries or a trusted third party. This is something akin to what Bitcoin achieved in the payment space.

To know more visit:
Website : https://einc.io/
Whitepaper : https://cdn.einc.io/assets/files/einc_whitepaper.pdf
Medium: https://medium.com/einc
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