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Hello People!
Welcome to the platform for the next generation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - for Brands with purpose beyond profit - powered by CSR tokens. Let me begin by introducing some certain terms and their respective meaning to us.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development, by delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.
Brands are organisations that are profit oriented such as Companies, corporations e.t.c except for government affiliated companies.

Causes are groups or organisations that are non-profit oriented such as NGOs usually with a social aim.
Volunteer are Individuals who freely offer to work for a ‘Cause’ or social project.
There are various forms of businesses but our major subject here is the social business. Speaking of social business we speak INCITEMENT.

The incitement is a social business that designs and implements CSR projects and solutions to create social impact and strengthen the Brand’s identity. It envisions a world in which every Brand acts on a social mission that is by building solutions, business models, and Projects that enable people, Causes, Brands, and entrepreneurs to grow themselves or their Brands through social impact creation. Giving the execution and realization of this vision, Brands can grow their business by solving society’s issues.

Inpactor is the underpinning technology that provides a scalable solution for Incitement’s approach to CSR.
The purpose of Inpactor is to solve the challenges Brands, Causes, and Volunteers encounter while working on CSR and social impact Projects, and provide the right incentives for each while they do so.
In otherwords, Inpactor is Incitement’s business model in digital form, and it’s accessible to everyone.

CSRi is a usage token and is used only within Inpactor, it is created only when receiving funds for a project in fiat from Brands and the CSRi is destroyed when the project is completed. It solely aims at facilitating transparency, reliability, accuracy and stability in the platform without suffering from the extreme volatility which is prevalent in recent token market.

The CSRm token is Inpactor’s work token and can be used both inside and outside of Inpactor, It allows for the creation of a governance system, the creation of ROI measurements of CSR activities, added platform benefits and features for token holders, and it is tradable on the market hence attract contributors.

CSRm works together with CSRi solely because CSRi cannot solve the ROI on CSR and governance issues because of its fixed value, unlimited supply, and only temporarily exists to facilitate more reliable impact creation.

Now, for the consideration of a long term sustainability and scalability, minimising costs, and implementation of the Distributed Governance Framework (DGF), Incitement has it planned to launch their own blockchain in Q1 2020. This Blockchain will be self-sustainable and allow more features like staking pools and the DGF But will work in similar manner as the CSRm. As the technology might advance over the next two years, feel free to visit ( for regular updates on the development progress.

Token name : CSRm
Maximum Coin Supply : 24,000,000
Soft Cap : 11,500,000
Hard Cap : 96,000,000
Selling Price : 1 ETH =2,286 CSRm
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