MULTIVERSUM: 4th Generation Relational Blockchain

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Multiversum is a fourth relational generation blockchain that has transcend pass three (3) generations in the blockchain technology. Many might doubt and wonder how the blockchain has gotten to the fourth generation when it’s just few years old owing to the emergence of the pioneer cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

The bitcoin as we know to be the Pioneer cryptocurrency is considered a first generation blockchain, together with altcoins that are based on proof of work algorithm for transaction validation.

The second generation blockchain is a smart-contracts-enabled blockchain. This generation is more heterogeneous, thereby allowing easy tokenization of assets. The leading member is Ethereum.

However, the first and second generations are deficient in energy efficiency, block validation speed and transactions per block.

The Third generation sees to solving the speed, scalability, and energy consumption issues of the older generations using different approaches and techniques like Proof of Stake validation algorithm, off-chain routing, graph-chains, and complete or partial centralization.

The fourth generation renders an even more scalable and faster solution e.t.c, this is where the multiversum falls to.

Why is Multiversum a fourth relational generation blockchain?

  • It is a relational blockchain _ a new brand of blockchain that features different types of data, related in a multidimensional structure.
  • It has a wonderful transaction speed _ capable of transferring funds across wallets in seconds.
  • It has a Transaction throughput _ An unmatched scalability: up to 64,000 TPS (1000 TPS/core) on a 64 cores server.
  • It has Proof of Integrity _ which is the replacement for proof of stake (Pos)
  • A Next Generation Wallet _ that uses biometrics input to grant access before any fund transferred.
  • It is Eco-friendly _ such that it attracts insignificant costs.
    and so many more.

In otherwords, Multiversum is an evolved blockchain technology, which offers unique and advanced features unlike the other generation blockchain.
This is just an Iceberg of the wonderful capabalities of multiversum.

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