Cryptocurrency and Hycon - Making It Work For You

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A new technology called cryptocurrency has been growing more recently than ever. Cryptocurrency is another term or definition for "digital cash" and is used in a "peer to peer network". It becoming more and more relevant in today's society more than ever before. Even though​ it seems like a confusing concept to grasp, it is already doing wildly successful in 2018. Many anticipate that in the coming years it will be the new way to handle currency aka money. It takes away the physicality of money and makes it 100% virtual.

Cryptocurrency has not been around very long. In fact, Bitcoin was released in 2008 by an anonymous inventor and has only recently started becoming popular and known. Among Bitcoin, there are many other projects and ideas that companies are creating to compete with Bitcoin and other digital cash companies emerging.

One of those projects that have been introduced is the "Infinity Project" by Hycon. Already, this project is addressing the current limitations with Blockchain Systems.

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What are Blockchain Systems?

They are records, copies, and proof of purchases between everyone who is in the network. Hycon is addressing the following limitations with current Blockchain Systems: throughput, latency, size and bandwidth, security, wasted resources, and usability. These limitations are believed as being some of the most important aspects to focus on when dealing with this new idea.

The Infinity Project has some core goals it would like to accomplish such as:

  • identify actual market needs for cryptocurrency
  • develop a cryptocurrency that is more flexible
  • create user-centric blockchain platforms
  • develop an ecosystem that promotes sustainability
  • investigate methods for a decentralized "cryptocurrency" exchange.

Each of these goals is​ explained in a project manual that can be found here:

The main goal of this project is to provide and develop fast, secure, scalable and a user-centric blockchain ecosystem cryptocurrency for everyone and make this new transition into a new digital cash era safe and secure for all that want to take part in this new idea.

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Hycon has embraced this new way of purchasing items in this new age​​ and wants to make it better for all consumers involved. It seems that Hycon is ahead of the curve with this whole process. For the cryptocurrency idea that already seems so put together since 2008, it is settling to know that there are companies that are still concerned with making sure the consumer is taken care of. Whether it be security, eco-friendly systems and even more.

This great start to the digital cash world has many people believing that this is something that could work in the world today. But, new inventions do not come without some sort of price to pay or problem to fix. No project or idea is perfect​ and even well thought out projects have situations that need to be worked out. This new idea and the way that Hycon wants to solve them, seem well thought out and it will be fascinating and interesting to see where this project will lead the world.

More information about Hycon can be found here:

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@femiuri You write a good blog about this you explain the concept very well. The success of any ico depend on its uniqueness and the team behind it. And there is nothing unique in this project. I am researching about this project.

This great start to the digital cash world has many people believing that this is something that could work in the world today.

This project is great and have a interesting concept, I believe this project will be a successful project and i will support this project.

Nice article...

Is there any minimum amount purchase of Hycon ICO ?


ICO is already over, and the minimum personal​ cap was 50$

superb article.....keep it up

Every day this project becoming stronger and stronger... I really love your concept. Great work. I pretty sure this can beat all coins in market, Because Very high development is this project, Good luck!!!

Great project with super development team.

Thanks for the interesting article.

Very nice concept, hardworking team, and very promising project for the future! Join this ICO for the opportunity to be part of this great and innovative project!