Earn while playing, have you kept up with popular Play-to-earn games?

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Play-to-earn I think everyone is familiar with the term play-to-earn recently. In particular, the land price of several game lands now exceeds the price of land in real life. Can you not even afford the virtual land? The following games are highly discussed recently. You can check it out and discuss with Meow!

  1. Axie Infinity
    needs to purchase three small monsters to form a small pair. You can fight with players online or get rewards by playing game mission levels. It is a very popular game in Southeast Asia, but the cost of putting it in now is relatively high. , Must be carefully evaluated.

  2. Decentraland
    was launched in 2017 by fundraising. This game player can build their ideal house or anything on the land they bought, and they can also interact with other players or participate in activities on it. Metaverse Metaverse As soon as the concept came out, MANA rose accordingly, which is also a game that is optimistic about the future development.

I think the game The Sandbox is actually somewhat similar to Decentraland, in which anyone can create and sell NFT assets and games, which indirectly increases the profitability of ordinary users and expands the user base...etc.

The game My Neighbour Alice is like the Animal Crossing Club on the blockchain. Entering the game will also get a piece of land, in which you can develop creativity, freely design, and you can continue to add buildings, Plants, furniture, animals, etc.

  1. Mobox
    is also a game that requires three characters first. The characters say that MOMO is divided into six levels. The characters themselves are NFTs that can be bought and sold, or to fight against other players, and you can also mine MOBOX. Token comes to profit.

  2. Star Atlas
    is a space-themed game with a science fiction background. It is divided into three factions. Players can freely choose one to join and contribute to their faction. The player's behavior will directly affect the outcome of this game. Through the contribution in the game, the player can get rewards.

In fact, there are too many, but Meow is a cat after all, and there is a limited amount of stuff in his little head. Let me share with me the chain games you are playing!
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