BGX is the decentralized processing platform for mobile games industry with blockchain

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Day by day, the mobile games are becoming very popular among the users. People are interested in this sector. So, the BGX platform comes with an innovative as well as an excellent platform for the users. This platform offers a multifunctional processing platform for mobile games which is based on the artificial intelligence. This platform has excellent features to provide the best service in the gaming industry. This platform also provides financial support as well as it helps both of the game developer and app maker to enter the crypto economy. They ensure that the game developer will be able to earn from this ecosystem. This platform provides an internal token. So, they can access this platform with this internal token share. On the other hand, the players will be able to earn a token by clicking ads. They also get buy playing games. There is also a promotion system in this platform. This platform manages a virtual wallet system for the users of this ecosystem. So, they can easily enter this platform with this token. The game developer does not have any problem by joining this ecosystem. They also manage a token sale period for the investors. So, you are well-come to purchase a token from the BGX platform. Further any query, you should click this link-

Blockchain and BGX: The BGX is a blockchain based platform and provides secure service to the users. The users of this platform will enjoy secure transaction facility. On the other hand, the team member of this platform is also expert in blockchain technology. They also follow a smart contract system for tension free service. Furthermore, the BGX is a global ecosystem for the gaming industry. They include maximum features in this platform. The Smart contract is a computer coding and allows the smart system for the users. They use artificial intelligence to make their service best. It is the major feature of this platform.

The advantage of the BGX platform: There are many facilities in the BGX platform. Now I am describing to you the BGX platform benefit is in below:

• There is also an advanced self-learning artificial intelligence fuzzy network in this platform. So, it can identify the fraud network and give the best facility to the users. There is no fraud and hypocrisy in this platform.

• More than 4,000 transactions per second will be able to process in this ecosystem. It has also a great speed capacity in this platform. There is also a double token system in this platform. So, the users can easily get the services of the BGX platform. The game developers can earn securely.

• The BGX platform offers double token for separate of the users and investors. The token holders will be benefited by purchasing this token share.

• There is also revenue sharing club in this platform. On the other hand, the BGX is an open sourced platform as well as it is a truly decentralized project. This platform also offers the most advanced technology to the users. There is also the most attractive games and the game developer are benefited with this ecosystem.

• The investors can access rapidly in the mobile gaming market. They will be able to exchange the BGX tokens for low volatility BGT game token as well as get maximum profit from this platform. The developers will be able to release their own token.

• There is also a low commission so that it is a beneficial platform for the users. There is also a secure payment system in this platform. They follow the secure algorithm for the transaction. The transaction system is protected by artificial intelligence. So, I suggest you join this ecosystem. For any kind of information, you can visit the following link-

The BGX token: You can purchase BGX token from this platform. The number of 1,000,000,000 tokens ever minted in this platform. They allocate half of the token for the crowdsale period of this platform. The BGX token is based on the ERC20 standard. The crowdsale period of this platform start date was from May 22 – Jun 19. The soft cap is $4,000,000 USD as well as the hard cap is $50,000,000 USD. 1 BGX = $0.10 is the token price rate of this platform. They accept the following currencies in this platform- ETH, BTC, LTC, FIAT. So, the contributors can easily contribute to this platform.

Discount facility: The BGX platform offer discount facility to the users of this ecosystem. The discount facility data is given below:

• Pre-Sale: The Pre-Sale period of the BGX platform is from May 8 – May 14, 8 AM UST. The amount of hard cap is $3,000,000 USD. The price rate of the token share of this platform is BGX = $0.07 USD (30% DISC).

• Crowdsale: On the first 48 hours of the crowdsale period they offer 25% discount facility for the users. On the other hand, 15% discount offered by 3-7 number day of this period. As a result, the users get 10% discount on 8-14 day of this platform. For more information, please click this ink-

Token utility: The BGX platform released token for the users. The token holders will be abler to access this platform and enjoy their services. On the other hand, there is also a strong team member to make it world recognized platform.

On the other hand, they include an excellent system. The payment system for this platform is based on this token. They also maintain full transparency in this platform. For details information, you should click this link-

Overall, the BGX is a wonderful project in the digital ecosystem. They offer investment facility. You will also get 60% of the revenue from this platform by investing in this platform. So, join this revolutionary ecosystem.

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