The Freldo platform – providing blockchain technology-based service in the social network platform

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The Freldo is a blockchain technology-based social network of different services in the online digital ecosystem of the cryptocurrency industry. This platform was registered in Canada which is located in Toronto, Ontario in 2011. This platform was built with the aim to provide a social network for different service with a motto “Trust Your Friends”. This platform is providing cryptocurrency based services in the online digital ecosystem. They have created own tokenize cryptocurrency with the smart contracts of the blockchain technology. We can know their ICO detail form their whitepaper which is already released for the public interest. The white paper link of Freldo platform is We can purchase Freldo token from their website. The website link of the Freldo platform is

Usage of Freldo platform:

This platform is a blockchain technology-based social networking platform for communication as well as trading for doing business in a decentralized system. This platform is creating an opportunity for their users which is a new type of marketplace. The uses of Freldo platform is given below:

Service search: The Freldo platform has implemented a searching system to find necessary services where the user of this platform can apply a number of available sorts as well as filters in the network. This system is giving unique service to the user where producers can express themselves as well as they can talk about new proposals for the means of creating news. They also can express about the distribution of information about discounts as well as promotion. This platform is giving the opportunity to their users where they have a wide choice of sorting as well as filtering methods. Using this system user can add own hash-tags for easy search. This platform is giving this system in filters as rating, price, category etc systems which are making fast, convenient and easy shopping.

Rewards: The Freldo platform is giving rewards as financial benefits to their users from the active use of the network. This platform is guarantying a free certificate to the user, client, and business for the invitation of the participant. This certificate can be used for paying of services for a number of entrepreneurs. The user of this platform can be beneficial by leaving objective feedback about the work of that small business whose service has taken by the user. The feedback of the user can be useful for participants which will make financial beneficial to that user who given the feedback. The user will be guaranteed to receive remuneration for his or her referral account.

Affiliate program: This platform is offering an affiliate program which will allow earning without active participation in this network. This platform has a different partner who can get access to the partner’s account as well as referral link where new entrepreneurs are registered. This system is creating an opportunity for the partner where they can earn from transactions of the users without having personal participation in the sales process.

Ratings: This platform is created a rating system because of the reputation of this platform is very important. This platform’s developers are introducing initially a special rating for business to assess the objectivity of the authors of publications. This platform will also add a similar rating system for the consumers later. This rating system of this platform will be calculated automatically. This platform is giving transparency where all participants in the communication of the network will know as well as understand how ratings are presented. This platform is giving legitimacy where real customers only will be able to influence the ranking in the rating table of the entrepreneur. This platform is giving integrity to their developers which will completely eliminate the possibility of manipulation. This platform is giving confidentiality where the data of the participant not disclosed who make the assessments.

Order status: The Freldo platform is giving the opportunity of order status where the report is generated automatically during the execution process. The business user of this platform can delivery request which is received, accepted, paid, executed as well as rejected by using order status. The consumers of this platform can order which is sent, received, paid, executed or rejected. This platform will store information about currency as well as archived orders in the order menu of each member of the Freldo network.

Dispute resolution: When this platform’s communication is initially built on complete trust the number of dispute among the participants. This system is impossible to exclude the possibility of a misunderstanding between business representatives as well as their clients. This platform is offering the simplest way to resolve disputes which is free from complex as well as lengthy procedures with the reference to some third-party arbiter. The result of the dispute resolution of this platform may affect the rating of both the plaintiff as well as the defendant where this platform’s employee will act as an arbitrator.

Stimulation of participants of Freldo network: This platform is giving stimulation of participants of Freldo network for its entire participant where this platform is offering a number of incentives that help increase the activity of both small as well as medium sized business and ordinary consumers. This network is giving the opportunity of the full range of all services to the publication and simplification of the order procedure. This network is giving the ability to establishing the frequency of repeated orders to increase among consumers. This platform is supporting effective advertising among consumers in order to increase the frequency of repeated orders. The stimulation of participants of Freldo network is helping to increase the rating, attracting more consumers for supporting a high level of trust in customer’s service. The website link of the Freldo platform is

The Freldo token detail:

The Freldo platform is a blockchain technology based cryptocurrency platform in the online digital ecosystem of the cryptocurrency industry. This platform is a tokenize cryptocurrency based platform who has created their token already. They created their token with smart contract technology of blockchain. The token name is Freldo token or coin. The Freldo token symbol is FRECN. They created a total amount of token is 200, 000, 0000 FRECNs. When this platform’s ICO end no token will be approved or release. This platform’s 75% FRECN token will be used for ICO participants. These tokens are ERC20 standard in the Ethereum blockchain platform. This platform is arranging a token sale event in the initial coin offering (ICO) program. This platform will be giving bonuses and discount for the token sale event. The website link of the Freldo platform is The bonus of the tokens sale event is given below:


At the end of the above discussion, I can say that the Freldo platform is giving significant service with a social network platform. This platform is giving significant service for the people of all over the word. We should purchase their token with the attractive bonus.

Important link of the Freldo platform is given below:

• Company Website:
• Twitter Pages:
• Facebook Page Link:
• Bitcointalk ANN Thread:
• Whitepaper Link:

• BitcoinTalk User Name: freelancer.zakir
• BitcoinTalk Profile Link:;u=1296290

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