The INSCOIN revolutionize the insurance industries by using the blockchain

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Introduction: The INSCOIN transform the traditional insurance system with the blessings of the blockchain technology. This platform is governed by the smart contracts and ensures the most accurate insurance policies. All the deposits are secured and there is no security risk from the hackers or malware attacks. The entire insurance policies on the blockchain and the owners of the insurance have full control over their insurance and any one of the INSCOIN community can check the policies. The INSCOIN allow the users to get access to the overall services of the company and verify their policies. This platform significantly improves the insurance company’s cash flows and will avoid the latency for collecting the premiums. The fraudulent policies cannot change the company’s policies and improve the operational process as well as ensures 100 percent secure system. The INSCOIN is the best opportunity for you for making your profits more attractive within a short time. More information can be found in their whitepaper. Click here to get direct access to the whitepaper.

Token distribution: The INSCOIN is a strategic platform that has created 500 000 000 INSC token and made a nice distribution. The token has distributed for sale, Broker Wholesaler, Team & advisors, Broker Network Partnership, reserve, bounty and airdrop program. The token distribution has given in below:

• The INSCOIN has distributed 54 percent of their tokens for both presale and public sale of the token in order to enlarge their community with the participants from all over the world.
• 15 percent INSC tokens from the total budget have distributed for the Broker wholesaler to incentivize them from several perspectives.
• The team members and the advisors are the core actors of the platform and they have the most major roles in developing the project. The INSCOIN has distributed 10 percent of their tokens for the team members and the advisors.
• They will spend 10 percent tokens from the total amount form making partnerships with the broker’s network.
• 9 percent INSC token will be reserved for running the three major campaigns to maintain the growth balance of the platform.
• Another 2 percent tokens have distributed for running the Airdrop and Bounty programs for supporting the project as well as advertising it in the digital cryptocurrency market to attract the new participants.

I am suggesting you visit the INSCOIN website to get token details and its distribution. Website link:

Project Roadmap: The INSCOIN run their overall activities in a disciplined way. They have pre-plan and proper distribution of their works. Recently, they have launched their official roadmap that contains the previous success and future targets of the project. One must read the roadmap before making the decision of investment because the roadmap represents the future shape of the project. Here, I give you a short description of the project roadmap.

 2017: The INSCOIN has started their journey with KNOX project from 2017. They established the first collaborative network and built their team in March 2017. They had invested 150 000 Euro and performed legal consulting for the forecast business plan in May 2017. They have invested up to 300 000 Euro for the IT insurance licensed platform in July 2017. The INSCOIN have developed the partnerships with more than 300 insurance companies and planned for the ICO as well as developed the marketing plan by the end of 2017.

 2018: The INSCOIN have multiple plans for this running year. They have launched the pre-ICO and ICO campaigns recently for selling their tokens and to make their community bigger with the participants from all over the world. They have already started trading of the INSC token on the main exchanges and they have made agreement to get an insurance license. They will introduce the eternal platform in the digital market and will also implement a smart contract in the insurance business at the ending period of this year.
More information can be found in the INSCOIN official website. Here the link:

Conclusion: The ultimate goal of the INSCOIN platform to ensure the decentralization of the overall insurance policies of the companies based on the blockchain and digital assets and to provide life guarantee of their services. You will able to become one of the investors of this platform by purchasing their tokens.

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