Here is the easiest way to convert your crypto - Onepagex

2년 전


Onepagex is the easiest and safest exchange that will convert your cryptocurrencies, in the shortest possible time due to the simplicity of the steps.

Onepagex offers more than 140 crypto to exchange

Among all the features that onepagex offers, one of them is security and ease, you do not have to register a user to use the exchange. So your security is guaranteed. You can make multiple transactions and everything from the same page

The steps to make the exchange are simple, here below you can read them

Step 1: Pick the two assets to convert.
Step 2: Enter a withdrawal address and click “Start Exchange”
Step 3: Deposit, and your done!

How can I use onepagex on my website? it's simple you just have to copy the widget code


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