Day 14 of 42 days of bootstrapping

2년 전

Today has been a bit of a day of reckoning. Between my existing thoughts and a 45 minute conversation with a fellow marketer, it seems a good time to step back - again - to regain some clarity on how I should proceed with this endeavor I hold so dear.

One thing I find I am good for is embracing change. It's not for the sake of change, but I hold no thing so precious that I wouldn't change it for a good reason. It seems like a strength to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not flippant or non committal either. I'm just willing to see the er of my ways and correct those ways as soon as I confirm a better way.

That was a whole lot of of dramatic words for "I need to focus my message more".

Instead of embracing just any ol' sort of media job, I need to focus more clearly on the type of work I think I'm most suited to - and just "stay the course" as my cross country clients like to say.

Moving on

I'm going to start producing some content for We are going to start by making a good intro to Linux with a focus on distribution to the main platforms and try to funnel those with an interest to blockchain platforms such as Steem and

This is a unique goal. It isn't to make money directly, but to create content and curate the audience so we can guide them to blockchain platforms where a community awaits them. This will bring more economy to those already healthy communities and then everyone wins.

That is the kind of smart and giving kind of content that I really look forward to working with.

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