Here we are again! Where are we headed? Cryptos are crumbling!

2년 전

Well, yes, we are at a point where morale is very low and many people have left in droves for "greener" cryptos (pastures) who knows where. Have we been here before? Yes! Did we learn anything from it? No! Will we get here again? Possibly! Will we learn from it in the future? I doubt!

The truth remains that a great deal of people do not understand the nature of cryptos - and life - in general. Everyone wants things to continue as they were before. Lots of people think that life should be a smooth journey devoid of hurdles and challenges. The reality always proves them wrong. Life - and cryptocurrency - is like a swing. It goes here and there, up and down. Never steady and that is a beauty for me. Wouldnt it be a sort of boring if everything was static? True, we enjoy some stability in our lives but the irregularities we see everyday give us opportunities to prove what stuff we are made of.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

While many people lament the downfall of cryptocurrency now, a good number seem to forget that we have been here before. There was a time when steem was almost equal to 1$. So what do you do? follow the crowd to the exit door, waiting for the "right" time? Successful people hold on to the rope even though its tiny and dangling. Ofcourse, very few people would want to remain with a seemingly sinking ship instead of run for their life.

Conventional logic is most usually comfortable and thats what many people go for. But when we defy the odds and take an unpopular course of action, at the end people will declare you genius and sing your praises. When you succeed against all odds, they hail you. When you fail, the nail you. Whatever happens always know that the best opinion is your assesement of the situation and your perspective.

What is the point?

The point is this! Steem is low as well as bitcoin and other crptos. What should you do know? No! dont leave! Do this:

1. Write a post, two or more each week.
2. Accumulate as much steem as you can.
3. Invest! Buy steem and other cryptos.
4. Do not panic-sell all your crypto investments.
5. Curate because few people are on the system now.

Watch this space!

I will make reference to this post in no distant future. Only the smart minds excel in times like this.
Do all that you can to take advantage of this brief opportunity. Stay calm, quietly go about your normal activities. Be commited to accumulating as much cryptos as you can. In due time, you wll look back with joy, considering yourself smart.

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Re-steemed. Great post. I agree and now I am going to work harder than before in this down market and accumulate what I can.

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