Fundition a sponsor to Borneo Blockchain Summit

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(Short Information about Fundition for the Summit)

Hi Blockchain Enthusiasts, is proud to announce that is one of the sponsors for Borneo Blockchain Summit.

The Summit will take place in Malaysia on 8th of September.
Many people have shown great interest in the Blockchain Technology in the recent times, and the Borneo Summit will be illuminating for the many attendants that have a lack of understanding about what the technology is and how it works. They will be enlightened by the many blockchain expert speakers present at the event.

(Expert Speakers from the field of Blockchain Development)

In the introduction video for this post Fundition is presented shortly by our team members. So the attendants will get some information about Fundition and its main purpose.

Enis Shkurti (@enisshkurti) - Operations Manager
Raul Macavei (@free999enigma) - Partnership Manager

Fundition is always looking to become a sponsor for this type of initiatives, so if you are going to make an event we are the right people to start with, just contact us using the the links below!

Previous Sponsorships:

Vietnam Steemit Meetup
Liberty Today Festival
@Sndbox - Crypto Renaissance Exhibition

Upcoming Events:

Steemcreators a Conference about Steem Creators and SMT Summit that will be held on Toronto,Canada on 5th to 7th 2018. Fundition will be one of the projects that will be presented there, follow for more on @steemcreators!

SteemFest 2018 Travel Reimbursement
@t-r-f is open for funding on Fundition, one part of the SteemFest event!

Oracle-D Conferences
The @oracle-d trip for finding new investments for Steem Blockchain and promote Fundition.

Utopian and SteemSTEM Meetup
@Utopian-io together with @steemstem will meet in Italy with the help of Fundition!

Thank you for your time,
Fundition Team❤

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The best part of Fundition proudly sponsored part of Borneo Blockchain Summit. Well done #teammalaysia communities.

We very much appreciate the support of fundition, and everyone who is cheering us on and helping us to fund our work in bringing new investment into the blockchain.

Thanks for the support guys! It has helped us a lot in getting things Organized on the ground

Cool! it's great to sponsor the Borneo Blockchain Summit & other events. Fundition is getting more and more famous.

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Thank you for the sponsored @fundition and also big support. Cheers. Hopefully this event will be successful and will help a lot of people to know more what is blockchain

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So cool you are sponsoring those Events Guys!
Steem everywhere!


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Fundition is going higher. More greater heights as you think Africa.

Amazing!!! :D

You have my support Fundition!

Thank you for such great support to many Steem projects.