John Mcafee- New hardware wallet that claims to be unhackable (Must Read)

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Hello friends,
First of all, Safety of our assets/money which is very important. Long time ago, we trying to find out the area/region to save our money as fast as possible without knowing anyone. Thereafter, banks are open than people started to deposit their money because they feel that now our assets are save (but what about the taxes).
However, if i talking about the present time- already launched ledgers wallets for cryptocurency such as Nano S, Trezor etc. Ofcourse, these wallets are secure but during the offline mode- not in online. So becareful. But don't worry guys- John Mcafee (one of the biggest name of cryptocurrency) made a statement that he find out a new wallet that claims our wallet is unhackable.
You may check out his tweet below-
It's name is Bitfi wallet. Here is the website link-
The radically innovative Bitfi wallet is the world’s first un-hackable device that is the quintessential expression of disruptive research and development. Here's the look of website-
First batch is already sold out within couple of minutes and second batch is still running. Even, the third batch is also going to be held on july.

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So that people should know about the unhackable wallet. Don't forget to follow me because i am going to release the features of bifiwallet and what are the reasons behind it that makes it un-hackable in the next post.
Love you guys, happy earning, keep smiling.

Gulshan kumar

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