John Mcafee said HitBtc is the worst exchange- why

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Hello friends,

Welcome back to my channel. Now a days, Majority of people are crypto lovers and they love to utilize their some part of money  on cryptocurrency at low and sell them at high. So that they can make profit and use it for their basic needs and many more. Ofcourse, we need exchange to buy the cryptocurrency at reasonable prices.

So i am just writing this post for you that one of the biggest name in cryptocurrency , who is none of other than John Mcafee said that one exchange is the worst exchange and it's name is HitBtc. 

Why he said like that. So read yourself his official post on twitter below-

Definitely guys- if something went wrong then that person will going to be fully depend on supportive from the exchange. So that he/she can recover their money/crypto as fast as possible. Even i faced problem sometimes during withdrawal/depositing and buying/selling orders on exchange. That time feel angry little bit or leave it forever and never come back for trade again.

So guys, share your own problems by commenting for these exchange that you ever faced problems and  how you guys solve this problem in the past time and finally save your assets. Please leave a comment with solutions as well. So that others will not face these kinds of problem.

Keep supporting.


Gulshan kumar


Thank you

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