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Hello friends,
As we know that one of the basic/most important reason for the pump of the bitcoin price on jan 2018 is Lightning network and cross the $20000, finally mark the highest point. Thereafter, it's price was continuously down to nearabout $62400 after 6-7 months. Ofcourse, we know the different- different types of reason for the bigger fall.
Now, here we go again, two bigger news will come in the future market and top experts are finally predict the price of the bitcoin at the end of this year i.e. around $65,000 which is pretty impressive. That means, if you guys invest now then definitely you guys will make 10X within next 6 months.
Today, again Lightning network is in controversy and one of the biggest name in the crypto world and decided to stand behind this network to make it reality as fast as possible, who is none of other than Charliee litecoin.

Donot say more words, just imagine if the transaction will occur within seconds or may be less than 1 second at lower cost then every body will love to use crypto instead fiat currencies and more. No matter who is present at one part of the earth or the other is present other part of the earth. Just happening like Fast and Furious (hahaha).
What actually said Charliee on lightning network-
The founder of Litecoin (LTC), Charlie Lee, did not exactly try to hide his support an enthusiasm for LN. He was especially supportive of it yesterday when he released a tweet stating that the LN might even become a full decentralized exchange, where LTC could play a large role.

         Actually, i find out that he was trying to make comparison between Litecoin and Bitcoin. By saying that people are facing problem on bitcoin such as high transaction fees, take much time for transaction and many more. So, Lee has a solution for that just choose the Litecoin for their assets and use it for cheaper transaction as well as faster one.

          According to Lightning Labs, the network already has a beta feature that allows the selection of two coins. However, the connection has yet to go live on the MainNet. On the other hand, LTC already has an independent LN and has already finished testing the atomic swaps. Still, there is still no realistic way to achieve interoperability between the blockchains.
          Apart from that, we know that the team of the Lightning network still is in progress to make it happen and they made many improvements in network and still working on it. They already launched there beta feature but not working properly. Even they tested some experiment in march, on very small amount of transaction.
          Additionally, not all of its nodes have the same level of importance.

         Well, i will not go more technically. So guys, i have a question for that how much time will they take to start the lightning network and after launching it successfully what will happen in the market. This will impact the real fiat  currency or not.

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Thank you

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i hope end of the year litecoin price touch moon



LN seemed to have helped sentiment but it is quite a stretch to say it was the propellant for the ride to $19k.

Further on LN: it seems LN capacity measured in Bitcoin has been drastically rising the last month. Perhaps something's up?


ofcourse, but this is not enough for increment
actually, it's like a game
In 2017, experts say that bitcoin will going to hit 10000$, but nobody believe afterall btc hit 20000$ (that was the time of july2017 and i actually forget the exact news about the btc).
In 2018, again july month- experts made an announcement regarding to the ETF. If this one going to be approved than definitely, we can see a sudden pump in bitcoin.
Secretly, If ETF approved than India will going to legalize the bitcoin
thanks for the valuable comment

yes it is but what do you think about that litning will pas bitcoin


this technology will fade away other cryptos except bitcoin

@gkumar bro lightning network se cryptocurrency ki transaction speed fast or fees Kam ho jayegi...

hmmm....lets c

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I have some Litcoin in my wallet. Will you suggest me if I shoud purchase some more LTC ?

wow .. but what about litecoin price it 'll up more then ETH ?

Sure I will invest in LTC , Is this will be great point to buy?

What's sign it's will going up or little down for now?


Well I don't know exactly about the down point.
But I m pretty sure that litecoin will going to hit 100$ soon.
Please do your research than make investment.
I m not responsible for the loss.
If profit is yours as well as loss

Bro can you please, let me know where is the next support zone?

let's watch at the end of the year where the litecoin stands .

It will boom crypto market

hope it will go soon.

Do u think purchase of litcoin this time is a good deal ?


i think this is the best time, it will never come again
but don't forget i am not your financial advisor
do your study too.
according to experts that litecoin may touch $1000 at the end of the year

Currently I'm holding 100+ of litecoin and hope I'll well more money from it!

Bitcion touch all time high

Nice blog bro, keepit up

Ltc is a good coin to invest in

Seriously litecoin is awesome coin. A must have coin in portfolio.

so many solution are coming againts bitcoin

I think next bull run will come when lightning network will come in reality

Maybe litecoin value will increase too soon

LTC have great future off course...

I am holding some litecoin so hope it go to moon


why not
good luck

Litecoin is great, i want to hold few of it

I am dam sure, LTC will more in the Bullish market and may be bullish market will come at the end of August